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Hi everyone. I don't post here anymore or follow threads, but I think I have a good grasp on what I need to know right now for buying new seats.

We were hit today and I need to replace all of our seats for my kids. We drive a 2012 Honda Odyssey. It wasn't totaled, so it will be repaired. I have spoken to all manufacturers of our current seats and they are recommending replacement.

9 yr old 60lb+ 53" boy - He was riding in a low back only Britax Parkway. I'm thinking Clek Olli for him

7.5yr old girl 50+lbs 49" - She was riding in a Recaro Performance booster. Will replace with identical seat. Its a great fit for her.

3.5yr old girl. 40lbs and ~38". She was riding FFacing in an older Radian with SIP. I was considering a Frontier with CT for her. But they don't seem in stock anywhere for the print??

10 mos old baby girl. 23lbs and 30". She was riding in a Nuna Pipa infant seat. I don't see the point in buying another infant seat now. We are out of the stage of carrying it in/out of the car. Winter is more than 1/2 over. I do tend to RF to 3yrs plus so I need something with a tall seat back and high weight capacity. The regular BLVDs are too short, but it looks like the newer CT version is taller?? My kids have all outgrown them before ready to turn. I think I'd like to try the click tight Boulevard, but I'm a bit discouraged by the new tether discontinuation for RFacing. I don't love the Radians (owned 2) and since I'm in a van now, space is not an issue.

Any advice or new seats I should consider, would be great. I prefer to avoid items made in China when possible. I was an active CPST for ~6yrs so I am quite familiar with features, etc. But I let my work go after I got pregnant with the last baby and have not had the time to keep up with what's going on in the market aside from reading carseatblog when I have a bit of time.

Thank you!


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Adding that I do have extra seats that I can use in the meantime, so I can wait for a seat to come in stock if necessary.


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The only seat I might reconsider is the clek Olli for the 9.5 year old. My kids love it for around town but it is pretty shallow for longer drives. We usually switch to a backless Monterey for long trips. I don't remember the name that Diono is calling it's new backless but it might be worth looking into. Another good option for a 9.5 year old is an incognito- about $20 and blends into the seat so it's not as noticeable.

Frontier 90 with click tight is an awesome seat an the blvd click tight will last you a super long time for the baby.


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We have the 2011 Odyssey and 6 carseats. I'd have all the older ones in the Recaro Performance booster if we could fit and exit the van this way, but we can't. We do use those in the spare car though. I just sold our Frontier90 as it wasn't practical for any of our 3 in a row. Olli is so shallow it's not super comfy for my kids, but we have them too.

In the narrow third row, we have:
7 YO Harmony backless
8 YO (70 lbs, Incognito booster in middle; ONLY one that fit for us)
3 YO (Evenflo Sureride FF outboard driver side)

Second row is behind driver:
newborn (arriving soon) Graco 40
21-month-old middle seat (21-month-old RF Advocate). She is 95% for height and it's an older Advocate. Once she outgrows, is going FF in a Sureride.
5 YO outboard (Clek Olli unlatched for school carline). He needs to move this seat daily for carline. For long trips, I'd put in the Recaro Probooster for him.

All my kids are about 95% for height.
Now my only problem is that my belly gets stuck climbing back to buckle the 3 YO! But that's temporary. :) And older kids can help me, too.
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The new britaxes have an anti-rebound bar that will be sold separately, so that might be an option... (Canadian-centric blog, but that's what it looks like).
Frontier's fantastic...I guess whatever color you can find?
Olli didn't work for my kids, their feet were constantly up on the seat and knees in their faces, my 9 yo now loves her Incognito, though if you have space it's the Diono Solana that's really nice, or get a Chicco Kid Fit and use it backless for now and highback with one of the other kiddos later, it's so so so padded and cushy and LATCHes! It's at Target exclusively right now.

Glad to 'see' you! Even though it's under rotten circumstances...I hope no one was hurt, glad they can fix your van!

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