FFing at 2?


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My kids ERFd through Georgia summers and they have not once suffered heat stroke :cool:
A-freakin-men! Humidity sucks. :p

OP - Leave him RF. He'll be fine. Aim your a/c vents at the cieling like others have said - it really does help a good bit.


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Louisiana here with a DD similar in age to yours. No way I would turn her. Start the car as early as possible and aim the vents up, as others said.


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How do you go from buying a Multi Tech( which I am ASSuming was to ERF in) to wanting to turn your 19 month old FF? Makes zero sense to me .
I'm sorry but I don't think this is helpful at all.


I would weigh the risk of turning your son FF vs risk of real heat stroke. It sounds like you have many options to try out to cool the car and the seat, and cool your son but not much to reduce the risk of potential injury of having him face forward. I would try these cooling things out first before making a major decision IMO.

When it's hot here (doesn't get hot like the south) we always cover the seat with something (blanket, etc). We keep sunshades up and cool our minivan prior to the kids getting in. Additionally, when we go out we bring this hard cooler and keep icepacks in it (there is one built into the top as well that comes out) and keep lots of water in it. If the kids want the icepacks to play with/keep on lap for keeping cool-then we have them. It's helped a lot actually having extra cold water in the car.


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I agree. Keep him RF.

My DS will be RF through his 4th south Texas summer beginning... Well, right around now! ;) I turn the a/c up and aim the vents at the ceiling. I actually end up driving around feeling pretty cold sometimes, but it's quite comfy for DS. (Believe me, that boy would tell me the nanosecond he started feeling too hot!)


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I live in Henderson, NV. We're right outside of Las Vegas. It was 97 degrees here today, and I'm betting this puts us on track for another summer chock full of days above 110F. Considering that my son was born in early August and it doesn't really start to cool off around here until Halloween, I'd call this his third summer. Ideally, we'd like to keep him rear facing until 5, but he keeps growing and growing. Which wouldn't be too bad if all of his height weren't in his torso and head. (he's starting to outgrow 2T shirts, but he still wears 18M pants)

I drive a Corolla, and my husband drives a Cobalt. Neither car has rear A/C. I agree with the previous posters on aiming your center vents at the ceiling. It really does make a large difference in the temperature of the back seat, and I know this to be true because I've only recently stopped riding in the backseat next to my son. In addition to the tips that have been given, I'd also suggest keeping the windows cracked when the car is parked as much as you can.

We also keep an ice chest with blue ice packs in it and put the ice packs in his carseat while we are running errands. We also have some teething rings that are designed to be frozen (they have a gel in them instead of water. We've found them at Target and Babies R Us) that we toss in the ice chest as well. This year we're also going to start freezing bottles of water to take with.

As far as clothing goes, if his outfit has knit shorts we usually leave them on when he's in the car. If the shorts are denim, we wait until we reach our destination to put them on. (this assumes he's wearing a t shirt and not a onesie. If he's wearing a onesie, I've been known to skip the shorts completely if it's hot enough.) This year he has sandals that he likes. If he didn't, I'd leave him barefoot in the car. Another trick I've read about is to dampen or wet their hair, so sometimes I will plan his bath to be right before an outing.

Anyway, I hope this helps you keep your little one a bit more comfortable in the heat. Summer is a swear word around here.


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Where do you have your son's car seat placed in the car? If his seat is in the center position, you might want to move him outboard. Sometimes a rear-facing seat in the center blocks more of the air flow coming from the center vents.



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I have no constructive input, but this thread is making me terrified to ever live anywhere that has 110 degree days more than once every three years.

An Aurora

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I live in the opposite extreme, but my oldest was born in Phoenix in July and it was 118 the day she came home from the hospital. Obviously Ff wasn't an option so we made do. We closed the outmost vents (by the doors) so more air came out of the two inner ones on the dash. Then I aimed both of those straight up at the ceiling so they would deflect off the roof and onto DD in the backseat. It worked great :)


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I have no constructive input, but this thread is making me terrified to ever live anywhere that has 110 degree days more than once every three years.

Me too! We live in BC and it hardly ever gets that hot. I get panicky when it's really hot -I can't imagine living in it like that. Don't people feel like they are going to pass out all the time?


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equilibrium said:
Me too! We live in BC and it hardly ever gets that hot. I get panicky when it's really hot -I can't imagine living in it like that. Don't people feel like they are going to pass out all the time?
Only from my electric bill shooting up, not from the actual weather :D


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Living in GA was really miserable for me, I hated it. I remember the first summer I got there we would have to go to PT and run several miles at like 6:30 when I was leaving it was 97 degrees outside. And the sun wasn't even out yet! It was so humid it was like breathing part water/part air. You don't even bother doing your makeup or hair if you have curly hair like I do, because the minute you step outside you're drenched in sweat and your hair is just a frizz bomb.

I am SO glad to be gone from there!!!


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glockchick said:
Agreed! I'll take heat over cold any day as far as comfort goes. :D
ME TOO! I can't stand being cold. It's like my body completely shuts down. We lived in NY for 2 years, they were the worst years of my life! Snow from October to May. Ugh. No thank you.

There's also differences in dry heat and wet heat. I much prefer dry heat. I visited El Paso last June and it was hot, but tolerable. It's freakin HUMID in New Orleans. You feel drenched just walking outside.


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:yeahthatlove: You can always put on another layer; there's only so many layers you can take off ;)

I love sleeping with a down comforter, going outside in the cold with a sweater or coat on. I love coming in from sledding and drinking some cocoa. I love when it starts to turn into autumn and the air is all crisp and the leaves change color. Drinking apple cider, going to the pumpkin patch, going out in the snow to look for a Christmas tree,

I HATE being too hot. Ever. At all. For any reason. It made me feel physically ill, I got headaches all the time and just wanted to vomit. Besides there were only two seasons. Summer/horribly disgustingly hot which lasted from March to December, and then kind of winter but none of the magic of a REAL winter, just rain/annoyingly cold with no purpose.

I hope I never have to live in the South again.

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