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DD1 rides in a Nauti with the old buckle style. We love it....never had any issues. We are buying a booster for her this weekend. (she will be 6! On Friday). DD2 is RF in a MA that will expire in June. She will be 3 months shy of 3 at that point so I will FF her. I planned to have her use the Nautilus but then I would really like to have it available for DD1 on longer trips, etc. With all the talk about the horrible buckles on the new Nautilus now I am wondering what else is out there.

I love the easy to tighten harness ....no ratcheting crap like the MA. Would you just take a chance on a new Nautilus or is there something better out there? Obviously I don't need a combo seat.

DD2 is around 29 pounds and not sure how tall but she still has plenty of room RF in the MA.


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Frontier85! We went to them after Nautis for years. It's harness is even higher so you will have the option for her on trips for a long time. I had dd (now 7) mostly boostered and then she started getting nutty in the car when tired. I'm so glad to have the option for a harness when needed. It's easy to buckle and adjust and is very comfy for them.
ETA: I would actually get another convertible to rf your 2 year old longer first. When you are ready for a new combo seat, I'd go with the Frontier like I mentioned.


I'm not a tech or anything but my sister has a nautilus for my niece with the newer buckle styles and I have a myride which I have heard is the same buckle and we have no problems with our seats. The buckles aren't the easiest thing in the world but they aren't a problem that would cause me not to use the seat that I otherwise love. I wouldn't buy another nauti if it was me though unless you love it and want both kids to have 1. The nauti does turn into a booster...I thought I heard it was a pretty decent 1 as long as the fit is ok. I think if it was me I would either keep the nauti for the 6yo and use it as a booster most days if the fit is ok and then you have the option of putting the harness back in for long trips, and get a convertible seat or something for the 2yo if you want to continue RF. If you don't want her RF any longer which as a parent, I don't see anything wrong with. 2 years is my RF goal as well. Then you could always pass down the nauti to the 2yo and get the frontier as the PP mentioned for your 6yo since it will give you a higher harness options.


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What vehicle do you drive? For my 6y/o I used to harness her on longer trips also but now I keep her in the ProBooster and its awesome. I would also purchase another convertible seat to keep your dd2 rear facing longer. I have a MyRide with the new buckle style and I don't love it but I don't absolutely hate either.


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Ditto on buying a seat to RF longer in.

That said, the only complaint I have about the new Nautilus buckle v. the old is that it's not big enough to keep the comfort pad from sliding up.

So I'm used to grabbing the pad to help pull the crotch buckle out and get it buckled. On the new one when I do that, the part that goes all the way around slides up and covers the buckle so I have to push it back down first. I could just not use the pad - but then I worry about pinching DS' thighs.

I do prefer the Frontier though - and have been glad to have it for my 6 1/2 yo on long trips.

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