Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX "Durango" carseat

Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX

I just purchased this car seat to replace the older model Evenflo Triumph DLX car seat that was recently involved in an accident

I really like this seat! I love how much more plush the seat is, and how bigger the shell is. The Infinate harness is great so far, and I love how I can tell at a glance that the harness straps are in the right position and at the right height each and every time I use the seat. Those red tabs on them make it very easy. IT is super easy to install with the vehicle seatbelts and the locking clip. Took me and my DH merely minutes to install this seat, much like the older style evenflo. I have not installed with the LATCH system so I cannot speak on that type of install. The seat is much roomer then the older style triumph. It has much more shoulder and hip room, and of course the higher shell is very nice as well. I like that the harness’s no longer have the double strap, makes for an easier time placing my kiddo in the seat and not having to make sure the hands get through both sets of straps. However, I’m not thrilled with the new buckle the Advance has, I liked the older version of the buckle better, as I didn’t’ have to go searching for the male ends of the buckle that seem to always slip down towards the seat of the car seat. I also wish that they would allow the use of the body pillow in the FFing position. That was something I really liked too about the older one, as with that bottom cushion you wouldn’t have to worry too much about crumbs getting onto the seat itself, and could easily take out the bottom pillow to shake any crumbs out of the seat.

I love that this seat goes up to 35lbs RF. It is, I believe this is correct, the highest RFing limit seat available right now (someone will correct me if I’m wrong on that. ) I also love that it goes up to 50lbs in the FF position as well, and up to 50 inches. This will last a child a good while. The slots are a little over 17 inches from the seat to the top harness slots, much like the MA ( I do believe) and the Apex 65. The infinite harness makes it a snap to adjust without having to take the seat out of the car. The new seat cover is very nice as well, wrapping around the shell of the seat, and they’ve added more plastic tabs to secure the cover to the shell. The EPP foam in the seat is very thick. I peeled back the cover just a tad from the back of the seat, and was amazed at how thick the foam was. The only thing I was a bit concerned about at first was that the foam on the sides (wings) around the baby’s head, will move a bit. The foam is not attached to the shell, and this was weird when I first felt the foam move. I haven’t owned this seat for very long just a couple of weeks, but, thus far I’m very happy with the seat and all the upgrades they made on it. It is nice to be able to find an affordable seat that harness’s for longer and higher height/weight limits. For those of us that cannot afford the hefty price tag of the Britax seats, this is a great lower cost option for those of us that want to harness for longer.

This seat was manufactured in July 16 2007 It is the Advance DLX Durango model. The cover can be removed is machine washable and air dry. All Advance’s come with a detachable cup holder, infant body pillow and toddler pillow. Ours has leather in certain places and with those types of covers they do recommend hand washing , or spot cleaning only.


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