Evenflo SureRide recline stuck?


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OK, never mind. Got it!

I can't stand my Radian anymore. 3 YO's (FF) shoulders are 2 inches above the straps. I am switching things up. Radian just keeps slipping, so we're done!

Incognito did not fit between a FF Radian and Prosport in 3rd row of my van, so now i have to get creative. :)


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OK, so I had the Incognito backwards. Never had one before. I get the dumb award.

What I think I can do is 3 YO SureRide (woah the harness height on this thing!), 9-year-old Incongnito middle, and on end, 7 YO in a backless. I might get a Clek since I want latch and a comfy seat. I think it'll work! Yeah!

And in the meantime, 5.5 YO will ride in the Securekid back there as we don't have 6 kids just yet for a few more months. He'll be switching to a booster soon (probably backless outboard second row for carline so seat will move down easily). He's 99th for height and does fine in boosters.
Priority is keeping 20-month-old RF, and having a dedicated seat for infant so I can use infant seat. Whew!! Think we did it. Can't have it all perfect, but I think we did pretty well. :)
I was so ready to stick 9 YO in front. Now, I don't have to.
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I know you said you got it, but for anybody else who reads this - that recline foot is a pill. It pops out into RF position like a dream, but putting it back up into upright position is a real pain in the patootie.

The easiest way I've found to do it is lay the seat flat on its back and stand so that the top/head of the seat is towards you, like resting upside down against your thighs (so the inside/seating area of the seat is against your body,) then grab the bottom of the seat (so you're holding it upside down, sort of,) and flex both sides out at the same time. Make sure the recline foot is pulled ALL the way up when you do this. Flex both sides out with your hands, and then use your thumbs to push the recline foot in. It's really easy done this way, nearly impossible if you try to do it one side at a time.

We won't talk about the handful of classes when we first switched to distributing the Titan65 where I looked like an idiot struggling with the recline foot ;) Now I show all of the parents and they laugh at me... then try it themselves some other way and say, "Wait, how did you do that again?" Really. Stand behind it, it's so much easier!!


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Yes, it's a bit of a pain!

Weird thing is the 3.5 YO is on the top slot of this seat. Really???? But I checked and the next one down seemed even or maybe below shoulders, so I gave up on that slot.

And, to make things more interesting, 5.5-year-old doesn't fit the Securekid on the top slot! It looks even, but now it looks below. So I am declaring it outgrown. I think I'll just move him to a backless now, as that seat will have to come forward to let the other kids out (why it has to be backless). Not exactly what I planned to do right now, but these kids are too tall!

It's like dominoes!
I spend so much time worrying about how to fit them all in, safely, in a way that works for carline and accessing babies, and then today at preschool a mom drove away with a 3, 5 and 6-year-old. No boosters. 6-year-old in front seat. Just makes you drop your jaw!


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The middle row outboard seats will slide forward fine with a hbb. I had a performance booster there and it slid(and tilted)fine. An oobr probably wouldn't work, but anything that loosely latches or doesn't latch will work fine.

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