Double stroller for big kids?

mom of big kid

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Hi, I have a 21 month and another due in January. We make big kids and our girl is already 34lbs and 36" tall. I expect #2 to be big as well.

I have been looking at double strollers and can't figure out if they are even worth it-by the time we would use it our first kid will be almost 3 and even bigger than she is now!

I would prefer the side by side and we already have a maclaren, which is awesome and we love it. I love the maclaren twin strollers but I am not sure if we would get our monies worth out of it before it was outgrown.

Any opinions or experience would be so helpful. I don't want to spend money needlessly but going without a stroller sounds so evil.

thank you.....


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The good news is that most kids' growth slows down significantly around 2.. so you will get some use out of your double stroller. There are lots of options, but if you're concerned about size/weight then you'll probably want to go with an all terrain, since the weight limits are higher. I'd suggest: Mountain Buggy Urban Double, ABC double, Valco double (sbs) and the likes. If you don't mind fixed wheel then there are even more (jogger) options. I personally *love* my Mountain Buggy Urban Double.



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I got a brand new in box Maclaren twin traveller on E-Bay for around $120 because it was a 2004 model but I didn't care since I wasn't sure how often I would use it since I also have a BOB double. But you could try to find a good deal on an older, new one on EBay.

mom of big kid

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quassee: that is a nice stroller but I think it is too big. But you are right, those types have a bigger weight limit.

SusanMae: That link didn't come through, what is the name of the stroller so I can look it up? thanks for posting!

Thefosters: wow, that is crazy cheap. I got my maclaren for 90 and I thought that was good. It was also NIB, a year old. I will look hard for a twin for $120. If I found one that cheap it would be a no-brainer.


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I would look for a cheaper older mac twin traveller. I had one and loved it! The good thing about them is they hold their value to resale pretty well. Much better than a Graco or other cheap brand. My DD was 3 when we got it and ds was 5 months or so. We used it constantly for a year then off and on after that. Depending on where we were going. After that I got a Peg with a step on the back and that is what we still use and they are 6 and almost 4.


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Mom of big kid~ I'll chime in on how the Mac does with uneven weights. When I got mine I tried it out with my 5 year old daughter who is 56lbs and my son who at the time was around 22lbs and it steered fine and was still easy to push even with almost 80lbs in it. Now keep in mind 56lbs is over the recommended weight limit (atleast I think it is) and it still handled well...I can only imagine how buttery it will push and steer when it is my 25-30lb 22 month old and a newborn...can't wait!


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I was trying to show you the new FP Stand and Ride. I've heard that they put them out and then pulled them for some unknown reason.

Don't know for sure though.


mom of big kid

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SusanMae: thanks for the link, it is a very nice looking stroller at a great price! I think I like the side by side though. It does look dreamy though, with the room for groceries and what not. Nice!

Danielle: Thank you so much for your info. That totally answered my question-this kind of info you can't get on their website! Thanks, I think that cinched the maclaren for me. I will start looking for a deal. Thank you!


I was checking out the fp at toys r us recently - pretty cool. I have an older graco double and it wore me out - I would rather wear one and push a single, but I hear they have gotten better,


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I highly recommend the Mountain Buggy Urban Double (MBUD). I regularly use it for my girls (26 pounds and 29 pounds) but have had my son (50 pounds) and either of the girls in it with him and can still push it one handed. It handles rough terrain easily and is a dream to push in the mall. I got a 2005 model for under $450 which is a great deal. They also have great resale value even after several years.


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A woman who lives in my neighborhood has a big toddler (who is pushing 2 years old) and a newborn. She is using the Phil & Ted's E3. For now, the baby lays in the sling part of the stroller and the toddler sits in the toddler seat that is on the front of the stroller. She said that when the baby gets a little bit older, the baby will sit in the "toddler" seat on the back of the stroller and her toddler will sit in the regular seat. Then, when the toddler outgrows the need for a stroller, they are back to having a single. Cool concept!! :)

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