Dorel Juvenile Prospect / Eddie Bauer Cubb


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Hey, some of you may remember I was trying to compare the Apex with the Prospect/Cubb & couldn't find any locally....

Well -- since the Target near my mom revamped their carseat aisle (from 1/2 of 1 side of a row to both sides of a whole row!) they now have the Prospect/Cubb in stock :)

FWIW, Leila is 43"+ tall & normally only fits the Apex (even with 2nd highest slot, using the top slot) & Husky/Regent (using the 2nd highest slot) -- she is also even with the top slots on the Graco CarGo ... trying the Prospect/Cubb we discovered that she's even with the top slot.

Our Apex is the 19" version though & my guess is that she fits the 17" version similar to the Prospect/Cubb as well as the CarGo -- however, the Prospect/Cubb IMO seems a nicer booster because the wings are deeper & filled with EPP foam for added side impact safety....

Someone had mentioned concern about the head cushion pushing kiddo's head forward, but this only happened with the removable cushion & obviously stopped when I simply took it off the velcro ;)

The Prospect/Cubb also installed in my Freestar easier than the Apex -- so, if kiddo is not tall or is mature enough to use it as a booster properly then I'd say the Prospect/Cubb is my new favorite inexpensive 40# combination seat ... mostly as a spare though since I'm still a huge supporter of keeping kiddo harnessed as long as possible (using Apex, Regent, SafeGuard, etc.)

P.S. the only reason I didn't post this in the reviews section is because I forgot my tape measure & failed to get measurements -- I'll be staying at my mom's for a while & hope to get that soon to create a better review.... :eek:


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Dorel Juvenile Prospect/Cubb does not require vehicle headrest, but the interesting thing is that the highback portion is outgrown either when the child's houlders are even with the shoulder belt positioner *OR* the top of the head is even with the top of the carseat headrest....

Either Leila was slouching in the Prospect/Cubb last time we were in the store or she has really grown again (her stockings don't fit anymore but I was hoping I'd shrunk them, LOL): the harness slot heights I got with the bottom & back seat cushions removed = 11", 13" 15" :( Also, the narrowest part of the base (at the back) = 13" & widest part (at the nonremoveable cup holders) = 21" :eek: So, it's quite a WIDE seat & not as tall as I was hoping! But, it still makes a better booster than the CarGo or Bolero/Traditions except when narrow is a necessary factor :p Forgot to get the crotch depths & booster position heights, but will this evening & send 'em off to the Carseat Database!

So, Leila is barely even with, almost taller than the harness, but her main issue with boosters in my parents' cars is falling asleep so since they have the Apex in the Highlander for long trips my mom got the Prospect/Cubb for her Prius to take short trips in & this way if Leila falls asleep the wings are deep enough to keep her contained (along with the ALR engaged). I tried to talk my mom into a Regent, LOL, but she wasn't willing to spend that much & she likes that the Prospect/Cubb matches her vehicle interior & the plaid flannel blanket she keeps in the car for Leila....

Leila's shoulders do seem tight, but she insists it's just lovely -- I can't help wondering what Dorel was thinking making such a wide seat with rather short harness heights & yet such narrow shoulder width? Then again, in the store the harness seemed taller without my tape measure *SHRUG*


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I finally looked at this seat last night and noticed that on the bottom back the plastic was really, and I'm talking really, sharp in the back where the cover attaches with the elastic. Is it a problem with your vehicle seat?


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Are you sure they don't require the vehicle headrest behind the child's head? I'm pretty sure they said you DO need the vehicle headrest/seatback to be behind the kid's head at their product update at Lifesavers (It caused a furor when they verified that and the Apex needed the vehicle headrest, of course, they could have been wrong, but someone else wrote to them and was told ALL of their seats always require vehicle head support).

Either way, siiiiiiiigh....


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I'll check again, but I read through the manual a few times front-back, then specifically searching for the headrest info & the picture shows the vehicle seatback low & shows a line explaining that the highback is outgrown when top of HEAD (not ears) reaches the edge of the shell.... Maybe that's what there meant? Certainly doesn't hurt to double-check! ;)

The base at the back is sort of sharp, yeah, but very similar to the Apex -- my Freestar middle bench is already getting worn out with all the carseat experiments, so I wouldn't even notice! My mom's Prius has a Toyota seat cover that she refuses to let me remove (so I manage/oversee while my 250# dad kneel in the seat & my SO tightens the belt, LOL) & we won't notice any damage to the vehicle from that, but there isn't any indication of damage while it's used as a booster. Finally, in my dad's Highlander with leather seats the only way for a secure install was to use tacky/foamy/mesh shelf liner & that prevented me from noticing any possibility of damage *SHRUG*

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