do you like car seat variety in your car?


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I rearranged car seats today to put baby's seat in. When I was done and looking at everything it hit me that all 3 seats are different brands (Chicco, Britax, and Recaro). And when baby outgrows the KF30, there will still be 3 different brands (Britax, The First Years, and Recaro). DH's car has 2 (Evenflo and Graco) and we'll see what happens when I try a 3 across in there!

Anyway, I just found it interesting and wondered if others like having all different brands in their cars or if they wanted them to all be the same. Mine wasn't planned, that's just how it happened. Thinking about it more, I think I'd either like all the same or all different, so all different it is for now. :p


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I have a variety of brands too (Graco, Harmony, Dorel, Diono, and The First Years). I have owned multiple seats by all of those companies, although no two seats by the same company are in the same car in my household. I didn't plan it, but it works. :p


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I like to diversify. However, whatever seat the MR is in turns that vehicle into a Graco car, because Colton is usually in a Nautilus or Turbo.


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In my car right now I have 2 Marathons and a True Fit. If the Frontier fit where the TF is then I would switch it out, just to have it all the same. But then I'd have 2 cowmoo and an onyx...unacceptable.


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I always have variety. But... J1 was in a Literider for ages and so far as I know Harmony doesn't make convertibles (unless it's another baby company for some big parent company that I don't know about?). He's now in a Connext, but I don't have any other Graco seats either. J2 rides in a Pria most of the time, a Coccoro when I just have to have it in the car, and a Scenera when he's in DH's car. Now I keep the Literider for J1's friends, so at most I will have Graco, Harmony and (whatever I feel like putting J2 in).

I did have a Radian RXT, just bought it Monday... but DH talked me into returning it. Need is relative, I say.


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We have variety bc that's just how it worked out. In DH's jeep we will have Chicco, bubblebum, and either Britax or Graco. In my van we will have Chicco, Graco or Dorel, and likely Harmony or Sunshine Kids.


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Right now we have 5 seats in between 2 vehicles - and 4 different brands :) Kind of funny to realize that my least favorite of the brands is the one I have 2 of.

Graco Nautilus
Evenflo Generations65
Evenflo Big Kid Sport
Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL
Britax Frontier85

My extra seat in the house is another Radian - so that is all the brands I own right now. Have thought of picking up a Harmony lbb to have on hand - but so far haven't had times of carpooling with DD's friends so I haven't needed it.


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The only 3 across I used in my car was diverse- Graco, Evenflo & Dorel. I've owned 3 brands- Graco, Evenflo & Britax. (The Dorel was a borrowed seat)


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I've never thought about it. Right now I have a Diono and a Graco (Red and Pink, lol), but both will likely be replaced soon with Britaxes. The colours aren't likely to match, though, unless my son asks for the pink frontier ;)

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I always liked to be brand loyal but that is more because I only really knew about Graco when I was 1st looking at a seat for my son since that is what my mom used with us and what my sister uses with my niece so I stuck with it. When we moved him from his snugride to a convertible I just happened to like another Graco, the MR. I think I just end up with them because the price range fits my budget. I wanted to remain with Graco since my other 2 are graco so I always figured when my son outgrows the MR or we have another baby that needs it I would move him to a Nauti or Turbo depending on how old he is when that happens but now I worry about the Nauti with all the buckle issues so we may end up with a variety unless the buckle issue is fixed when we decide to have #2.


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I like having the same brand. Pathetic but true. I have the Peg convertible and will be getting the Peg hbb today both in crystal red in my van. I have a blaze recaro pro sport and a pro booster in the truck.


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I have had several brands:

Currently I have Graco and Evenflo in my car.(both because I liked the seat features) I have Cosco and Harmony in my bf's car.(both because of cost and space) I never really consider the brand, I consider the seat and the vehicle it is for. The cost tends to be a factor for me, but since I tend to be displeased with the Cosco which is usually the cheapest, it is not the main factor. I like the variety :)


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In my vehicle, I have an Olli, Monterey, and RXT. My options are pretty limited because my oldest two are over 8 years old. It's kinda lame and makes me sad.:thumbsdown:

Anyways, for awhile, the kids all had Britax. Not because I live in a bubble but because, again, I have two older kids and Britax has a a nice big kid selection. But then DS2 moved out of his MA70 and into an RXT and that blew it all up. We've been mismatched ever since. What can ya do, ya know? I think when DS2 gets a foonf (when he's FF), then I'll move DD to an Olli. Then I'll have a clek-mobile.


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I want them all the same brand and color.
OK, with 5 kids I can't really do that so well!

Our Civic is the same (two pink Recaro Prosports) and the van has 3 Radians, an Oobr and an Orbit toddler. Just happened that way based on best fit, etc.

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