Do you keep extra car seats for your kids' friends?


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I am curious if anyone keeps extra seats around to transport either carpool kids or your kids' friends? I know a lot of parents out there who don't know better use low back boosters for their 3 and 4 year old kids and I would not be comfortable letting them ride like that in my car. So what do you do about that?


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Well, until recently I have had extra seats just sitting around my house and would use it for a friend's child if needed. Honestly at the age of needing a harnessed seat we don't do a ton of carpool unless the other parent is in the car with me. If we are just riding with another family we just move car seats if needed.


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I occasionally drive one of my three nephews or niece home from preschool, when I do that I move DD's RXT to the center and toss in our spare Complete Air. I don't keep it specifically for that use, but it is nice to have around for it.


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I'm an emergency contact for a few friends' children. I keep appropriate seats on hand for the kids who need them.


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We don't have extra seats per se, but if DS1 has a friend coming over, we pull DS1's Frontier out of DH's car and put it in our truck, where we can do 3 full size seats across with room to spare.


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I have an extra no back booster for if I need to transport any of DD's friends. I don't have extra harnessed seats anymore though but don't anticipate that I will be in a bind having to transport a child young enough to be in one.


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I have extra seats because I have a problem with collecting them. if other kids are in my vehicle, they would use my extra seats or a seat that is for a child not in my vehicle.


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I don't have any kids but I have always provided the seats for any children riding in my car. I like to know that the seats I'm using are safe and age/size appropriate. Plus then I have the right seats to do a 3 across and don't have to install, uninstall, reinstall, reuninstall, etc when I transport kids from different families. So far no parents have had a problem with it. Mostly, they're been impressed that I won my myride 65.


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I do- I don't have my own kids. Right now in my possession I have a Britax Frontier 85 that gets used weekly for my godson. I keep a Turbo Booster in my trunk. I also own a Graco MyRide 65, Evenflo Tribute and Evenflo Triumph that I could pick up if I needed them, right now they're all spares that are seldom used by my godson (except the Tribute that he outgrew)


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I don't keep one specifically but I did realize after reading this post, I could transport all the children I am in contact with safely and appropriately if need be.


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I have two seats for my nanny kiddos- Recaro ProBooster and a Nautilus. I don't have them often during the school year though.


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I have spares for my kids that I could use for others. I semi-regularly transport some of the grandkids, and I have enough seats for them. The only being I do not have a seat for is a small infant/newborn. i have larger RFing seats, FFing seats, and boosters.


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I keep extra LBB's specifically for that purpose, but I'm talking about 6-8yos. I have like 16 or so carseats, so the two times I ever drove someone else's kid, I just put one in.


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My sister just had this situation-she was transporting another 6 year old. She noticed the mom didn't bring in a booster so she mentioned she had a spare. The mom said "Oh, Timmy is tall, so we don't use one." My sis called me stressed over what to do. I told her. I would tell Timmy/mom Sorry, but in my car we use car seats. But awkward. And sad.

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