Do you have more car seats installed in your car than you use on a daily basis?


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I have 2 kids. Both use boosters as a rule. A Monterey and a Sante Fe are their main seats for 9 and 5.5 yr old. But I also have my FR 85 installed for those days
when I have an extra kid with me. It is just easier than installing and un installing. I also always have a spare literider around.. just in case.

Am I the only one??? HA. I doubt it.. :)


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DH and I both keep spare LBBs in our vehicles. Mine is in the cargo area, his is under the rear seat.


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I used to keep J's FR85 installed even though I'd only use it twice a month or so. I took it out, and my spare seats out of the trunk when I went camping a few weeks ago and needed the extra space for camping gear. Now all my seats are sitting in the house and I haven't had a kid in my car in for over a month :(


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I have 5 seats installed in the back of my van. They are all used M-F but I keep them in on the weekends too when I don't have the kids I watch. Ds1 just takes the nbb and puts it wherever it will fit because he is too big for it and ds2 rides in the Vivo instead of the nbb so I don't have to rearrange.

During the week my 3rd row is CA for 3 yr old, Scenera for 2 yr old and nbb for ds2. 2nd row is FR85 for ds3 and Vivo for almost 5 yr old.

So on the weekends ds2 moves to the Vivo in the 2nd row and ds1 takes over the spot where the nbb is in the 3rd row. Ds1 has to ride up front during the week on the days ds2 doesn't go to camp.

It would be too much of a pain to uninstall the seats all the time.


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Yes. I'm a nanny to two boys 3 days a week. I Norma have at least one extra high back booster in my backseat and normally a backless in the cargo area or behind the rf seats in the second row. I normally leave my back seat set up like this:

Rf rf fold
Hbb ffh

When I get to a CPST course, the master of activities ( CPST-I/IC sets up scenarios and vehicles for installs) is normally warned not to use my vehicle lest they be subject to reinstalling my 5 seats and being graded on such.


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Not "installed" but I've had a Bubble Bum living in the cargo area for years and often have another LBB floating around because I'm too lazy to lug it into the attic. :p


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I've had a NBB in my cargo area for the past month. Might leave it back there once school starts too. That's been the first time I've had an extra seat in the car just because.


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I have one kid (well two, but the other is over 18 now and no longer needing a car seat LOL) and a minivan. During the school year I almost always have at least 1 TB in addition to ds's Monterey buckled into my car. During camp season, I almost always have 2 additional boosters buckled since I get out of work the earliest among my friends and often do emergency pickup.


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It's funny before coming here I had two children , I had two car seats now I still have 2 kids and I have 6 seats.

This place has magic.

I just hate having the seats in the house my kids like to sit in them and mess with them.

auto correct hates me
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Haha this is so funny because I was thinking this today...and bam! A thread for it. I think I'm going to install a RF Radian in my car and leave FF MA70 just so when the younger cousins come around I won't have to re install any seats. Plus we are TTC #2 so it just makes sense, right?? ;-)


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No, our van is totally full with the seats in use. I could not install another seat unless it was in the passenger seat!

I do have 2 in Nana's car that almost never get used. But they are there in case.


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Yes. I have an extra monterey in my van. DS rides in it sometimes. And I usually have an RSTV in the back.


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Starting in another 1/4" of growing of C, the answer will be yes. Once he outgrows the harness on his FR85, I plan to leave it installed for the kindy carpool kiddo and move him to a booster. In 2 weeks, I will have an extra booster in my car in the 3rd row for carpool as well.


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Yup, unless dh is planning on taking dd somewhere, our other Monterey nbb is in my car. It's either installed or in the trunk area for storage. I've had her friends in my car off & on throughout the summer or I've dropped her off with her seat, so yeah, it's been handy keeping the other one on hand.

:eek: I really wish I had a 3rd nbb so dh can keep one fulltime in his vehicle now that he's driving to work every day. But I don't want to pay for another one. :stamp foot:


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no, because I have 5 kids and a 7 seater vehicle so DH plus me and the van is full to capacity so nowhere to store an extra something or a place to seat whoever would use it.


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I have an extra nbb in the van. Works if we have an extra kiddo. Someone can usually work in each kind.

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