Do BRUs allow you to try seats in your car?

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I thought most stores would allow this, but turns out many don't and just expect you to buy then return if it doesn't work. This seems like it would be more work and hassle than allowing people to try them in their vehicle before buying.

I had to speak to three employees and a manager at Walmart before they let me take a couple of floor model boosters to check fit in my car. I offered to leave my license and visa with them as collateral and they finally agreed.

A friend is looking for a convertible, and I want to go to BRU with her to try a few seats in her car. Do they have a policy, or is it based on the discretion of the staff there? I guess being a tech could possibly give me some pull as well. . . I'm in Canada if that makes any difference. I would go during a slow time so they aren't too put out by the absence of their floor models for 20 min.


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I don't think most stores do allow you to do this.

BRU does (at least in the US). They ask you to leave your ID at the customer service desk and you can take out one seat at a time.


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I've found it to be hit or miss-- some BRU's have no problem, others are reluctant until I say 'I'm pretty sure your supposed to let me...'. I've only had one employee flat out tell me no, and they're not a great store anyway. (I'm also in Canada, but in Ontario)

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OK, that's good that their official policy is to let customers do this. I'll call the nearest large store to check before showing up. Thanks.
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I just walked up to the counter and said, "Hey, if I leave my DL with you, may I see if a particular carseat floor model will install in my vehicle?" The cashier asked a manager who was all for it. He said he'd never been asked, but he didn't have a problem with it.

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I asked the same thing of three WM employees before one pointed out the Manager to me, and she said yes after thinking about it and saying I was the first person to ever ask. Ummm, people really buy seats without trying them in their vehicle? I guess so! I actually did this with my DD's first convertible but luckily it fit. I may have asked about the return policy before buying it. . . :eek:


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I've found it to be hit or miss-- some BRU's have no problem, others are reluctant until I say 'I'm pretty sure your supposed to let me...'. I've only had one employee flat out tell me no, and they're not a great store anyway. (I'm also in Canada, but in Ontario)
The nearest BRU to us is in Syracuse (NY). My sister and BIL went to try seats when they were ready to transition their son from infant seat to convertible since they have such a tiny car and the employees and manager acted as if they had 3 heads when they asked if they could try seats in their vehicle. Needless to say, it didn't happen!

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If a customer leaves their ID (so they don't steal the seat) AND take out one at a time AND are there not during a busy time so as not to inconvenience other customers who might want to look at that seat, I don't see why a store wouldn't allow people to do this! Maybe us car seat fanatics are the only ones who ever think about these things. . .

Two local boutique-y type stores totally have no problem with this, but don't carry the Sureride or Myride. . .


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I'm in Newfoundland, Canada. BRU let me try carseats in my car, an employee had to carry it out and wait with me while I tried it.

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Hmm, I see why they do that, but we want to try about 4 seats into 2 different vehicles. I don't want to waste their time! Will phone and see what they say.


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Yes, IME. At our BRU, an employee brings it out for you to try it. I've heard some ask you to leave a license instead. If in doubt, you could call yours to make sure they do it.


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I'm in the U.S. I asked once, when they MyRide was still pretty new. They seemed to think it was a strange request, had to ask a few people, then they had an employee come with me. He tried to help but really wasn't and made me feel really rushed. I did end up buying the seat so I would say it was worth their trouble.

I have asked at one other store, I can't remember what one, a bigger baby store. They let me try a Radian, but acted like I was crazy for wanting to use it for my then 3 year old. They also went with me to the car, tried to be helpful, and made me feel rushed.

I couldn't even get a Kmart employee to let me take a seat down from the shelf to see if it would work for my child. (They have them attached with zip ties.)

I hope your trip to BRU goes well.


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My target let me take one seat out after a few blank stares and talking to the manager. The manager was concerned because he couldn't sell me the floor model, and mentioned their had been thefts before. An employee had to come out with me despite my offering to leave my ID and credit card.


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I've taken seats out to my vehicle to try on numerous occasions, but I am pretty pushy about it. Usually if you say "I can buy it, try it, and return it immediately, and you go to all of the hastle of processing the return, or I can leave my ID and take a few minutes to try the floor model" they cooperate ;)

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Yeah, feel free to point out that buying and returning is way more of an issue for them than trying the floor model.
We always just let people leave their license and take seats out, until our newest associate manager, who utterly freaked out about that saying, "what if someone finds a random ID and leaves it with us and steals the seat?!?!?" so now we HAVE to go out with the person trying the seat. Which is cool if it's, say, me :cool:, but everyone else has better things to do and I don't think most customers want the audience.


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Walmart refused to let me try a floor model. BRU let me put sent an associate out with me who wanted to know why I needed to do more than just set the car seat in to make sure it fit space-wise. He had no idea that not all car seats were compatible with all cars, and I did not like him staring over my shoulder insisting I hurry up.


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My BRU was fine with it, I tried the Nextfit and the MySize 70, the associate had to stand with me, but she was nice and even reminded me to RF until 2.

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