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I hope to get some advice! DD is 7 months, 20 pounds and 28 inches. She is currently in a Chicco bucket (the old one good to 22 pounds). Our current RF goal is two years (that's all I could talk DH in to for now, he thinks I'm some crazy car seat wackadoo. Hopefully until 3 once he sees it's not inconvenient)

We are looking to find a convertible in the near future. I have it narrowed down to the new Dionos (not sure which "trim level") or the Peg convertible.

What I like about the Diono
- can rear face to 50 pounds
- steel frame
- low profile (easier to put a kid in RF?)

What I don't like
- it's so tall and we need the angle adjuster to make it fit
- I'm worried about shoulder checking / visibility (it will be behind the passenger)

What I like about the Peg
- it looks way comfier (DD screamed in the Diono and was happy as a clam in the Peg)
- not so tall to start (gets taller with the headrest)

What I don't like
- not steel frame
- only rear faces to 40 pounds.

My parents have a Titan 65 for occasional use and I hate it. It feels so flimsy, the straps are constantly twisting, it's not pretty (I'm kidding.....kind of). I picked it out (because of it's high RF limits) and it's fine for the few times a year we need it.

So what seat to choose? We will be purchasing 2 of them (we use our cars 50/50) and at least one of them needs to come from the store West Coast Kids (we have a gift card that will cover one seat)



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Your DD is average height so if your RF goal is only 2 possibly 3 & you like the peg, then go for it :)

I would get the Diono if she was really tall or super long torso because the peg will be outgrown a lot sooner by height.

The peg IMO is nicer as far as the covers go & the nice deep seat.

Maybe get one of each? Your DH might like the idea of RF longer with a Radian if he doesn't have to lift her over the tall side (like the peg) & she would have more leg room, which we know means nothing in terms of safety but might encourage RF longer with your DH :)

In a dream world I would own both for different reasons & just the fun of having 2 awesome seats!


We drive a 2007 Honda Civic Sedan (his) and a 2009 Pontiac G5 sedan (hers). We don't plan on getting new vehicles until we have a second child (so maybe 2016)

We will likely is the Titan for travel just because it's so light.


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The PVC has a "contoured steel back plate that reduces flexing and minimizes forward movement" if that helps with your decision.

The PVC rocks IMO. I have two.


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We also have a PVC and we love it, its comfy, the ARB makes a great foot rest for sleeping, and its not as short as you think. My dd has a 14.5 inch torso and she still has a good bit of growing room in the peg. She can also climb in and out easily by herself now even with the higher sides.


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If you were wanting to rear face to 4 then I'd say the Diono seats but 2-3 I'd get the PVC. I find the Diono seats very upright forward facing and I just can't see a 2 year old sleeping comfortably forward facing in the seat. I have the Peg seat too and we love it. Such a cushy nice seat.


We ended up with..........neither!

Both the Diono and Peg made the passenger seat in our vehicles unusable - the passenger would have been eating the dash.

We ended up with Britax Boulevard (in a pretty teal colour). Hopefully it can get us to 2 or 3 rear facing and if not, we will likely have bigger vehicles by then and will upgrade our seats.

Thanks for all your input.


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Hmmm...what vehicle? I wonder if the Peg was installed takes up a bit more room than a Britax in all 3 vehicles I've used it in, but not as bad as you describe. I've got it installed in a Mazda3 which is not big at all and have also used it in a Kia Soul which isn't large either.

Anyway, Britax seats are nice too so congrats!


We were installing them in a 2007 civic sedan and a 2009 Pontiac g5 sedan (similar to a sunfire or cobalt)

The peg fit not bad in the Civic but when we put it in the G5 it looked ok at first but when we went to use the latch we realized how angled the seat was and once we added the rolled towel to get the proper angle the passenger seat was all the way forward.

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