Did you See GMA?


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It was just on by me!

It wasn't bad really (not great but not bad). They did say to rear face as long as possible (til 4 they said) and to stay harnessed as well.

BUT they goofed on the on screen stuff that said OR not AND for 1 AND 20. They also slipped up and said the seats went to 45 lbs but I think she really meant 65lbs.

They said pedis say kids are 5 times safer rear facing and they showed the side by side crash test of rfing vs ffing.

It's a start!


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I just posted a big comment on their page so hopefully we see people come here :D

Here's my post:

I urge anyone with questions to stop by www.car-seat.org to talk to certified passenger safety technicians and passenger safety advocates.Even my 97th percentile for height son rear faced until he was 2 years old when he was too tall to rear face. Children fit rear facing if they are under the weight limit AND they have at least 1 inch of hard shell over their head. Kids are super bendy. It's the exact reason that rear facing is so important. Since their bones aren't fully calcified things that would be uncomfortable for us isn't for them. I think that 4 is not quite realistic in the USA/Canada because we only have ONE seat that rear faces to 40lbs, several that rear face to 35 lbs or 33lbs. I think that between 2-3 years old is VERY realistic though and should be strived for. Rear facing is safer for a side impact crash as well as frontal/rear impacts as well. Someone asked about being rear ended. Rear facing is still safer then because the motion is still FORWARD not back. The thing that's hard to remember is that a rear-impact collision is NOT the opposite of a frontal-impact. It seems like it would be, I know, but the opposite of a frontal-impact would be if you were backing up and hit something. Since we usually don't back up at speeds greater than 5mph, even that is not going to create a risk for RF children.To clarify - in a frontal impact, the vehicle's forward-motion is stopped by the crash.In a rear-impact, the vehicle is usually stopped, sometimes moving forward. Crash dynamics are going to be complicated, depending on a huge number of variables - the speed (if any) of your vehicle, the speed of the vehicle hitting you, whether or not the impact causes your vehicle to hit something in front of you, etc. In any case, there are going to be forces exerted from both the front and the back.In a backing-up crash, the vehicle's rearward-motion is stopped by the crash, which is what makes it the opposite of a forward-impact.


Great comment. I need to go look at all of them. I am sure there are some doozies!

I just posted that link on my FB page and got a bite already :). This is what she said "well, that's impossible - they have legs, after all...what are you supposed to do with their legs!?!"

This was my answer:
We don't have seats here that will accommodate the typical 4 year old (most seats only RF to 35lbs- 1 to 40lbs), but they do in Sweden where it is common to keep them RF to age 4 or so. This link: http://www.cpsafety.com/articles/RFAlbum.aspx shows what older kids do with their legs (you have to click on the pic to see the whole thing). Older kids who are turned forward often complain that their legs dangling bothers them and they would rather be RF and have someplace to put them."


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There are a few doozies but there are a lot of people that WANT info too.

I know we can't help them all but if we help one then it was worth it!


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LOVE the shield booster and expired carseat... WHERE did they find those clips???

And the booster presentation was a little silly... it's not about the booster being "stable" and not shaking back and forth... oh well... they got a lot of good things too!


Ok, what was the RF seat they showed. Someone on another board said Nautilus, but I watched it and it wasn't. I saw the red things at the top, making me think it was an AOE. Whatever it was, it was WAY upright! Still, it's getting people talking. My FB page is buzzing.


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What was up with the one man's opening lines... "...because we're talking about car seats. There a hassle but all of us parents use them because we think we're keeping our kids safe..."? Wow... way to set up this segment :rolleyes:

The one line I did like was, "Do you want to interact with them on a half an hour car ride or do you want to interact with them for the rest of their lives" in regards to RFing :thumbsup:

Overall though I'm glad they did a segment because I swear, if it's on TV the people and friends I know will believe it more than if they read it some where. Why... no idea, but I swear, it's true.

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