Did I do the right thing?


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My husband brought home a Safety 1st Boost Air that he picked up from Walmart for $15 on clearance. My son is just shy of 4 yrs old and is probably 37 pounds dressed. I told hubby that we can keep the booster for later but my son was to young yet for a booster.
We have 2 Alpha Omega Elites for my son and my 11 month old girl (she is 17 # and 27 inches). We needed one more seat for hubby's car for our youngest. I know these are not the best seats but they are installed correctly by a car seat tech. It doesn't fit great in our car (we both have Saturn SL) rear facing but it does fit.
Went to Target last night and they had a Graco Nautilus for $98 as a online item return. They also had a Graco Myride for $100 as well. We debated but decided to get the Nautilus for my son and move the other AOE to hubby's car.
Does this sound like the best way to go?


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Yes, that sounds reasonable to me. If they are the Alpha Omegas that go to 40 pounds in the harness, he may have outgrown them anyway. The top head rest position is only for booster use, not with the harness. I would feel comfortable with a 37 pound 4yo in a booster either.


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Yes! So you have him in a Nautilus in your car and an AOE in Dad's? Make sure his shoulders are below the slots.


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Yes! So you have him in a Nautilus in your car and an AOE in Dad's? Make sure his shoulders are below the slots.
I was wondering the same thing. I'm concerned that he has outgrown the AOE by height, especially if you have one with a 40lb limit. The AOE would be a good seat to use rf for your daughter.

The Nautilus is a good seat for him.


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Right Now the Nautilus gets moved from car to car but it is rare that we don't take my car. On the other hand my husband does take my daughter in his car to his parents at least once a week so that I can get some work done for our company. My son goes to preschool twice a week but I always take him. So the second AOE is rear facing in his car. When my son gets a bit older we will put the booster seat in my husbands car but that won't be for awhile yet.


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I think that sounds like a good plan.

If you can swing it, you might consider picking up a Maestro at Babies R Us for your son for the less-used car. With the trade-in event they are only $56 right now. I know that's not nothing, but it's a pretty good deal. It might be worth the convenience of not having to switch seats back and forth. When the Maestro is outgrown, swap it out for that Boost Air seat and you'll be golden.

The AOE seats can be a PITA but as long as they're used correctly (which is the really tough thing with that seat) they are safe. But if it's the 40 lb harness model (as mentioned before) I have never seen a 35+ lb kid who still fits in that seat by height. Of course I've seen LOTS of kids still using it at that size; most parents are not aware that the top position is not usable for the harness (and why would they be? Who really uninstalls the seat and squints at the back for black letters on black plastic warning you that the top position is for booster use only? This is the primary reason that seat has such a bad reputation around here, but once you're made aware of it you can avoid that pitfall).

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