Did anyone get a damaged seat replaced through Southwest?


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A neighbor just had me come over. THey just flew with Southwest and checked two car seats in car seat bags. The car seats were removed from the bags by the employees. The Nautilus is scratched by the headrest adjuster like they dropped it or drug it in the ground. There is a small cut in the LATCH strap as well. They filed a claim and the airport and were told to contact customer service. I am trying to see if there is any info I can give them to help them get this seat replaced. If Southwest won't replace has anyone had luck with Graco helping out?


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I don't get my suitcases replaced each time they are damaged by an airline...I thought carseats followed the same liability which is why it is suggested to take the seats on board.

I hope they get new seats. I'm not sure this it's under southwests's responsibility to replace.

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I had my stroller broken when gate checked and was told that by agreeing to check it I released them from liability for damage. Good luck to her.


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I'm pretty sure that Southwest requires people to sign a form saying that the airline is not responsible for car seats or strollers if they are damaged.

Please let us know what happens. We're flying Southwest in April and I'm hoping to encourage my SIL and BIL to not check their car seat.



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AFAIK, every airline has a policy that they do not cover strollers or car seats unless they are in the original, manufacturer's packaging.


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I told her husband to call ASAP so hopefully he does. This seat is basically new. :( They have 3 kids under 3 and had to fly home for a family emergency so they could only afford to buy 3 seats and barely had enough for that. Flight was full so seat was checked. Regardless what is done is done. I just wanted to see if anyone had any luck with them. I want to see if there is any advice I could offer to them to help them.

I will let you know what happens though.


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Southwest removed them from the bags. When they pciked them up at baggage the car seats came out and then the bag. The bag is not damaged so I am assuming it was damaged after being removed from the bag.


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Section 7 (Baggage) e 3 says "Travel Equipment for Infants and Small Children. One stroller and one Child Restraint Device (car seat) per fare-paying Passenger will be conditionally accepted as provided in Section 7h without charge and will not count toward a Passenger‟s free Checked Baggage allowance."

Section 7h says "Conditional Acceptance
Carrier may, at its sole discretion, but is not obligated to, conditionally accept the following categories of items for Carriage as Checked Baggage subject to the Passenger‟s assumption of risk for damage to or destruction of such items. Checking items in the condition described below is considered by Carrier as Passenger‟s agreement to this assumption of risk.
(1) Fragile or perishable items
(2) Previously damaged items
(3) Improperly or over-packed Baggage
(4) Soft-sided cases or unprotected/unpacked items"

So it is officially at the passenger's risk. They can talk to Southwest and SW might do something for them as a goodwill gesture, but they are not required to do so. Frankly, especially with such "minor" (to their point of view) damage I would be surprised if they do anything.

If your neighbor continues to use the seat, make sure they know they must use the seat belt and not the cut LATCH strap. A tiny cut, in a crash, can cause the belt to rip right through.

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