Debating DS's seating position again...


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My DS is 6.8 years old, 65 pounds and more than 50", I just can't remember his exact height.

I have two options for him, both have their own pros and cons. Do we know what is *safer* considering both of the following options fit him very well and he stays in position?

1. (Current seat) Third row, outboard in a latched Oobr, back is on. There are side curtain air bags the entire length of the car.

2. Second row, center in a Bubble Bum between two Nautilus's.

WDYT? Equally safe?

The Oobr is easier for us because he is 100% independent back there whereas if I move him to the BB, I will need to thread the lap belt into and out of the belt guide and it's a pain.

Anyway, I've just been thinking about this so I thought I'd post it here for discussion.

Also to note, the Lite Rider is too wide to fit in the tiny 2nd row center position so BB it is.


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I can't get over my gut feeling that children/adults without protected torsos (high back booster) would be injured sitting next to a seat like the Nautilus in a crash.

Given that the Oobr is far from flimsy, is LATCH'd and is next to a side curtain airbag- not to mention he can buckle it himself- that would definitely be my choice.


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I can't get over my gut feeling that children/adults without protected torsos (high back booster) would be injured sitting next to a seat like the Nautilus in a crash.

Given that the Oobr is far from flimsy, is LATCH'd and is next to a side curtain airbag- not to mention he can buckle it himself- that would definitely be my choice.



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here's my two cents for whatever it is worth.

1. if your kid sleeps in the car at all, I'd want him in a highback. Also, I'm betting he can see a lot more in his current position than he would in the middle of two nauti's.

2. with that build, I wonder how long he would be comfy in the bubblebum.

I'd probably keep him in the oobr outboard at least another year or more... then if he wants to go backless, I'd put him in the center if possible, but probably use the backless oobr if it will fit... or use harmony booster or the cosco top side (which might be needed if the oobr is passed down, anyway)


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Thanks for the replies. Now hopefully the back of my brain will stop nagging me. ;)

I don't want to move him. I was just thinking about how much safer the center seat is plus, I remember reading people positioned next to car seats were safer because the car seat provided SIP to the person sitting next to it. Of course, I don't have a clue where I read that though.
If they are equally safe I wouldn't dream of moving him. I might have moved him if more than a few people said he would certainly be safer in the center.

In any case, I'd hate to have to help him every time we got in and out of the car. By the time he goes backless we should be rid of this car and its sorry excuse for a second row center seat. :p

ETA: Kat, I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in the car, he could def see more from the center, I didn't even consider his comfort (bad mom! :p) and a LR will fit by maybe a millimeter in the center but only if there is nothing but air outboard behind the driver. And I have an extra Oobr so he can stay in it with the back on until he gets too tall, I don't need to hand it down for another 2 years at a minimum.


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Oobr, third row, hands down. You're in a safe vehicle, he's in a safe seat, and he can buckle himself. That might not seem like such a big deal now, but try buckling him in that three across several times a day. Plus, he's so big, I'm not sure the BB would be comfortable for him. But you own one, so I should try it out ;)


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How about the front seat in a seatbelt? (OK, kidding).

I just watched a just-turned-6-year-old drive off from Kindergarten that way. This is my child's friend. I was SHOCKED! He had a booster in back, too.

But, seriously, your situation is one that I can imagine us having someday...I have 3 kids in the center of the van 3 across and will always, always do that. But we have 4 so one has to go in the back, so he's center in back, RF too for now.

I would go with the 3rd row given that it's a great, sturdy seat. Not sure wedged in between 2 seats would be the way to go.


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bnsnyde said:
so he's center in back, RF too for now.
Man, I would LOVE to have a center seat in the third row. We only have two seats back there. (Ford Freestyle) :thumbsdown:


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well, at least he'll be able to move to a backless when he outgrows the back, since he's a tall boy.

while I sort of remember what you are talking about, I think that (partially because of WHAT booster he's in) that a highback booster is the safest for a side-impact.

you also have the side curtain airbags, so since he's not a car sleeper anymore, when he does have to go backless, I think the support from his siblings seat is probably the same or possibly inferior to the side curtain airbags.

I also think that, while yes, being furthest from any point of impact is safest, there are always other factors at play.

For instance, if you move him to a backless between the nauti's, at some point, that's going to be 3 buckles buckled... while buckling his own he could potentially accidentally release one of the others. getting in and out, one or both could accidentally be released. I'd feel better with him not having to worry about telling you if he did that.

Also, I bet you'll notice that the rear two seats in that third row are somewhat closer to the center anyway... there's just extra vehicle between them and the outside. (usually from speakers and stuff)

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