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Anyone know of any crib deals going on now?

My daughter is 33.75 inches (well she was in December), and technically you aren't supposed to use a crib beyond when kids are 35". I looked at the growth chart and I think I have about 2 more months.

Does everyone actually go by this?

So this leads me back to my original question...anyone know of any cheap crib deals??? My daughter usually sleeps in a pack and play at my mom's, but she's recently figured out how to climb out of them.

I'm considering buying a crib for my mom's...but only one that will convert into a toddler bed for future visits and then be a twin or full headboard after that it gets some use.

OR I could just get no sleep watching the monitor to see what she's constantly doing in the pack and play. :( We can't sleep in the same room (she won't sleep) and she sleeps upstairs and the room is in no way then there's the stairs. :(

Any advice? and cheap crib deals?


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IKEA cribs start at $69, that's what I'm getting for Aubrei soon. As for height limits, I wasn't aware cribs had those, I don't recall seeing that at all in my manuals for previous cribs I've owned, just weight limits.

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I have never heard of a height limit for an actual crib. I have never worried about it.

As far as I know, the height limit on the pack and play is due to a greater risk of the child being able to climb out at the higher height and not fitting as well. My kids weren't climbers and sleep curled up anyway, so I didn't worry about it. When they were no longer comfy or were sleeping in a big bed at home, then we ditched the pack and play when traveling.

I think you can get a discount on a crib as part of the great trade in at BRU/TRU?


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We have never followed the height limit for our crib. I'm not even sure what it is. But we converted our crib to a toddler bed when DS2 was 3 years old and 40". He never tried to climb out of it! He's actually still in the toddler bed now at almost 4.....but will be moving to a twin bed in the next few weeks so that DD can have the crib.

I don't think the height limit is super important if the child isn't a climber.m


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It wasn't really an issue for us because we were ready to move them out of the crib early, but I did stop using the PnP earlier than I would have liked because of that.

Are you sure she won't learn how to climb out of the crib anyway?

I would have said Ikea too because it's hard to find something well built for little money and that's one place that can do that. how often does she stay at your mom's? Is there any other room she could sleep in?


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We go to my mom's about 3 times a year or so. She's 19mo and this will be our 4th trip there. I should have just gotten one of the $100 convertible cribs the first time we visited and been done with it. At that point I wasn't sure how much we'd be able to visit though.

She's climbing out of the pack and play but I think her crib is deeper so I don't think she could climb out of that yet. That's why I'm considering a crib. I need to figure out what will keep her safe for this trip and worry about later trips later. :)

She's not ready for a toddler bed yet.
There aren't any other rooms she could sleep in. My mom's house is not baby proofed at all, including that room.
There's no way for me to sleep in the same room as her either.


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I wasn't aware that cribs had a height limit either. DH and I kept our twin godchildren for overnight visits at least once a month from the time they were 6 weeks old. Thank goodness they never tried climbing out of the crib because I am sure their overnight visits would have ended much sooner if we would have had to deal with two climbing out all the time! I think they used the cribs until they were a little over 3 years old IIRC.

Target has this 3 in 1 convertible crib for $129.99.


Or this 4 in 1 crib for $159.99.


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I went to Walmart yesterday and looked at the cribs. They had a few options for under $100. I can't speak to quality though.

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I appreciate everyone's feedback.

A mom in a mom's group I'm in suggested a sleepsack, because if she can't get one leg up over the rail of the pack and play, she can't climb out. I did buy one but haven't tried it on to see if it would work that way.

I'm going to try that and if she still seems unsafe in the pack and play at my mom's (like she can still escape), I'll go buy a crib off the shelf after the first night there. As much as money isn't too much of an issue for us, it seems like the most economical choice, since her time in the crib is probably coming to an end soon.

Then we can figure out what to do for future visits later.


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I guess I am in the minority because I do adhere to the height limit on our cribs! My son was in a twin bed (with a rail) at 18 months for this reason.

Personally I would feel much more comfortable with LO in a toddler or twin bed at a young age than risk a fall from the crib/pack n play. My heart just stops thinking about the latter! :(
Don't know whether this is interesting to you or not, but maybe check out the Peapod Plus? It's been redesigned. Zips up like a tent so there are no escapees. :) We use this when we travel, and we have one at the grandparents' house as I don't trust their crib.


Once they are climbing out, the height limit really doesn't matter. It isn't safe. My kids haven't climbed out, but my son did better in toddler bed than crib at 20 months. When I worked at an early childhood center, once kids were 1 year they could not be placed in a crib for nap time for safety reasons of climbing out. If a crib/pack-n-play is necessary look at the pea pod or other tent-like zipping bed. They do have a mesh tent that goes inside crib/pack-n-play but I am not sure if they are safe.

Trying the sleep sack is a good idea.


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Griffin has started taking his sleep sack off, I'm sorry to report. He's 23 months though. My DD kept him in one all this time to reduce the chance of him climbing out of the crib since her other kids were climbing out at 1.5. She used a crib tent with them which of course isn't available any more.
Cribs have height limits? Oops.

ETA: I'd try a sleep sac/ GroBag for potential escapees. Makes it much harder to get out. Try to get one that zips from top to bottom and has something that snaps over the zipper pull.

I put foam square mats just outside of the crib so that, on the off chance that they fall, it'll be ..softer?


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I dug out my old crib manuals, there's no height limit. Just a weight limit and the recommendation to convert it to s toddler bed when the child starts climbing out.

Also, sleep sacks, the boys could climb out of their cribs even with them on. So that may or may not work.

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