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CPSDarren - Admin
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I just joined the CSFTL's page & I find its okay .... More people who aren't techs seem to comment voicing their opinion or thoughts on the install though which bothers me :/

Consider that many parents who are regulars on a carseat safety forum are as knowledgeable as many certified technicians;-) I know a lot of members here fit that description and give much better advice than some techs you encounter at a fitting station or event.

I encourage all of our community members to respond to questions and requests for help if you feel comfortable doing so!


CPSDarren - Admin
Staff member
Speaking of Facebook- does the "Seen By" feature annoy anyone else?

Is there a way to disable it?

I don't really care who knows what threads I've viewed since I'm not on facebook often, but the principle of it being posted in public is somewhat distasteful.


Ambassador - CPS Technician
I like groups that educate and give correct information to make children safER, regardless of whether they agree on it or not. Do I like seeing 2yos FFing? No, but I love seeing 2yos FFing as safe as possible knowing I helped ensure a safe install and correct use. I'm thrilled to see a RFing 2yo in real life, so I think that way on the Internet too.


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I started a WNY car seat safety FB group a while ago because people were tagging me in car seat posts that popped up in local parenting groups left and right! Now they can just add their friends to the group or suggest to people that they join.

I actually get a lot of private checks (free) through my group and I also put the word out about local check events.

Brianna from here (CSO) helps me moderate the group. She's not a CPST but she gives great advice, as I'm sure many of the members here already know! :)

I have never joined CSFTL and I still come here for the wealth of knowledge!


CPST Instructor
I'm a CSFTL admin, and have been an active CSO member for a few years now. Like Darren said, there are benefits and downfalls to different styles of forums.

Moderating a group of 22,000 people with a huge volume of questions and people popping in and out is an enormous task. We never expected for it to get this huge, so we've had to evolve and adapt pretty quickly to reign in drama and make sure everyone is getting accurate information. The limited capabilities of Facebook groups makes it quite the challenge.

On the whole, our mission is the same. We're co-advocates, not competitors. :)


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I find the biggest difficulty on facebook is how fast multiple people can respond. I also find in general, that the misinformation that is given out by those who aren't techs, is higher. I've seen some pretty left field responses to questions before and in general, I don't see the same high level of misinformation given out in responses from advocates on CSO.

That being said, different formats have their benefits and I'd like to think that a new group of parents is being reached on facebook vs. taking away from forum traffic.

I heard on the radio the other day that Facebook is going to be integrating a new ad system sometime in the next year that will require you to watch an ad before being able to access facebook. If that happens, I think Facebook will see a massive drop in traffic. I know that it'll certainly decrease my Facebook use anyways...


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I find it amusing when people in a group I'm in refer folks to these groups. Hello I'm here and knowledgable!


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I find it amusing when people in a group I'm in refer folks to these groups. Hello I'm here and knowledgable!

I find anonymous crowdsourcing to be preferable in groups not affiliated with CPS. Nothing makes for awkward relationships quite like disregarded safety info ;)

(...says the person who just left an AP parenting group over CPS issues, because, you know, car seats are not AP :rolleyes:)


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But this is a local group, I am a real person able to help someone in person instead of posting pictures on Facebook asking if it looks right!

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