Coupon codes for REI???


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anyone have any coupon codes for

i'm looking to buy an item at full retail from REI (non-REI brand). i can't seem to find any coupons except for REI-branded items and free shipping.


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REI usually has a 20 or 25% off a single (full-priced) item code out here and there... so if you're buying something on sale, don't hesitate.. otherwise you might want to wait for the next just ended like a week ago.


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I saw this on another site- On 4/18 there is a friends and family event info here People have had luck asking employees at the stores for a postcard for the event. Each card has a unique code to use. So if you have a store near by and are friendly to an employee you may be able to get a code. Otherwise they are reporting another 20% off on item event starting May1. hth
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topeak's new and improved bike seat. REI seems to be the only seller in the world who carries it (the new one). we had a bike crash and DD's kettler seat needs to be replaced. i would have gotten a new kettler for $105 shipped but the new topeak ($170 :eek:) seems to have a larger shell and is a brand new design. i'm reluctant to spend a lot (we've already replaced our helmets and gotten my bike repaired, but the guy who hit us was uninsured and i'm going to have to take him to small claims court if i want to reclaim any expenses-- now adding up to close to $400. no big deal, but still...). for now we've put DW's topeak, which is the older model, on my bike. but that leaves DW's bike without a child seat.


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Sorry to hear that. Assuming everyone is ok? :(

yes. i haven't gotten around to posting it because it's a long story and i didn't want people to get discouraged about riding their kiddos on bikes. in a nutshell, we were on a busy avenue and got rear-ended by an inexperienced 19-yo male scooter driver (vespa-style scooter). having smaller than a 50cc motor, legally he wasn't required to have insurance (and didn't :mad:). he claimed he got the throttle and brake confused. :rolleyes: thus the police didn't cite him. thankfully, it only caused us to fall over. we were going very slow, in the bike lane, and didn't slide on the pavement, basically just a fall over. thank god all the safety gear worked as it should-- the kettler protected DD1's lower body and torso perfectly and her helmet protected her head perfectly. the helmet cracked at the point of impact, which was at her left temple. she came away with a minor scrape on her forehead and two scraped knuckles. i managed to not let my head hit the ground and came away with two scraped knuckles, a torn jacket and a scuff on my pant leg. two witnesses stopped and everyone gave their story to the cop, who said they all checked out (even the vespa driver didn't dispute that he hit us). we ended up going to the ER just to make sure DD1 had no concussion (she didn't). even the bike was fine; only the rear wheel was knocked out of true and the bike shop is re-truing it for $20. in the end, the ER co-pay and the replaced equipment will add up to $300-500. i will have to take this kid to small claims court if i want to recoup those expenses. luckily i've contacted the two witnesses and both have written dated summaries of the incident and are willing to go to court to testify, if i decide to pursue going after this kid.

it's amazing how well everything worked as it should have-- the helmet and the seat, especially. the seat didn't even appear damaged aside from scuffs, and there are no official guidelines for replacing it after a fall, but i'm not chancing it! i've already taken it apart and disposed of it in separate trash collections. the helmet had a hair-line crack at the point of impact and did it's job perfectly. not bad for a $9 helmet. we went out and replaced it with a top-of-the-line giro (not that it's "safer", but we needed a helmet the next day and it's all the bike shop had that fit DD1).

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