Convertible Seat for Large Infant - For airplane and taxis only


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Hi there,

My daughter is almost 8 months, over 20lbs and about 28 inches long and has very chunky legs. She has outgrown her infant car seat (Cybex Aton) because her torso is long and her head is past the 1 inch wiggle room from the top of the seat.

We are looking to purchase a convertible seat that will only be used for airplanes, taxis and rental cars. We DO NOT own a car.

I am looking for something that will be most comfortable for our daughter rear-facing on the airplane and easiest/safest to install in rental cars and taxis. The lighter the better and it would be a plus if it lasts her a bit (which seems to be the only downside of the Combo Cocorro).

I am considering the following:

* Combi Cocorro - reviews are mixed on ease of installation (also likely to be outgrown fast)

* Safety 1st Guide 62 - worried that the head rest will make this uncomfortable for my daughter

* Evenflo Tribute -

Is the main drawback given our needs to the Cocorro just that our daughter will likely outgrow it sooner than any other convertible seat?



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I would get a Graco Snugride 40 (or something similarly big), basically get the largest infant seat on the market that allows a baseless install. You probably can use it 6+ months longer than a CCO, like to age 2 or beyond I think. I was a carless NYer a long time.

Any convertible seat is going to be a PITA to lug around, even the CCO which I loved.


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If it would help you to have the seat fit on a stroller, you could look at the Orbit Toddler car seat. It's expensive but I bought the car seat new and found a used stroller frame on Craigslist. It doesn't have a super high rear facing limit but fit my big kid better than the britax seats. The installation without the base isn't hard.


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I'd look into a britax marathon clicktight because of its quick, simple installation that would be ideal for taxis. You can always strap it to a stroller or purchase a gogokidz cart and use that as a stroller in a pinch.


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I don't know about the clicktight -- at 30 lbs, I can't imagine lugging that thing onto a plane. But the regular Marathon, sure. It would be super easy to install in taxis and rental cars but at 19 lbs, might still be heavier than you'd want given that you're hoping for super light.


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I have a chico nextfit and although it is a beast of a seat the install is easy and you can rear face a good long time. I have carried it on a luggage cart. I just use the latch and snap it on the luggage cart and put my baby in it


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I really wanted to love the CCO, but I purchased one for our daughter and was able to use it ONCE. It fit fine when she was tiny, but she also had really chubby legs and by the time I wanted to use it when she was about 17 lbs it fit her terribly: pinched her thighs, doubled her over, and pushed her chin to her chest! Combi insisted that you have to used the infant insert up to 24 lbs with any of the CCO's manufactured 1/2013 (which ours was) or later, and that was the problem. It was fine to remove the insert after 15 lbs on the earlier models. It might work okay with skinnier babies but I would make sure you check the fit before you buy, or make sure you can return it. We travel a lot as well, and I ended up going with a Britax Roundabout 50 Classic. It fit okay rearfacing (though sometimes a bit upright) on every airline we've been on except Allegiant. She was just over 1 when we flew on there, though, so I just turned her forward on the plane. It's a decently easy install, but it doesn't have lock offs. At 15 lbs it's a lot lighter than the newer Britaxes, though, and at least she's comfy in it.


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I'd look into the Cosco scenera next. Super lightweight and should last as long as, if not longer, than the coccoro rearfacing. It will be outgrown rearfacing likely after it is outgrown forward facing, so you'll need a new seat when your child flips to forward facing but at that point, your child may be big enough and old enough for a ride safer travel vest, which is awesome for taxi and travel. And at only $45, the scenera next is a great investment.


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We also only use car seats for planes, taxis and rental cars. In the US and in Europe. We had the CCO for our older daughter, and while is was great that it was light and small enough to install RF everywhere, I had a number of times when I was stranded at an airport somewhere and could not get a safe install for any amount of trying. It was really awful and scary. For this reason I would not recommend it. We have the evenflo sureride now, which we have used with both daughters, and I have never had trouble installing it (RF, FF, with latch, with seatbelts with and without locking clip). It is also super light for a seat of this size, which was a huge plus for hauling through airports. The only drawback is that because it is a larger seat (which is a plus for extending RF), I could not place it RF in the regular economy row of an airplane, or in the towncar NYC taxis that have that immovable plastic divider. I have never had problems in other cars, even small ones. If you think you could generally get bulkhead seats while your kids are under two (so that you have space to RF on the plane) and if the NYC taxi thing isn't an issue for you (at the airports, at least, you can always ask for a larger taxi), than I can't recommend this seat enough. If this seat won't work for you, then I would just recommend getting a seat that people recommend here as easy to install in multiple situations that is also lightweight. I really would not recommend the CCO for situations where you are not sure what cars you will have.


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We have a Guide 65 as the travel seat for my daughter (now almost 4) and we do travel a fair amount. I've generally had good luck installing it in a variety of situations. The headrest does make her head flop forward when she naps, but I can usually roll up a blanket (sweater, etc) and tuck it in by the side of her head to help prop it u.

The one downside of the Guid 65 on an airplane is that FF, the belt buckle can end up bumping out behind her back. I've been able to pad it do it's not too uncomfortable but it's not perfect.

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