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Hello everyone!

I am new here, but very familiar with forums and have searched all five pages of posts relating to the topic in question. I really appreciate all of the informaiton but have a little more specific question that I could use some help with...

I drive an 02 Impreza WRX. I LOVE the car in the Minnesota winters and have had friends who have raced them as well as daily drove them and swear by the safety factor. Anyway, we had our first kid seven months ago, and because he LOVES TO EAT, he's out "fatted" :p his infant seat so it's time to go to a convertible. Anyone that has seen an Impreza knows that there isn't a lot of room in the back seats, and use the middle of the rear for two reasons: 1. To take advantage of the room between the front seats and 2. Because I like him in the middle of the car incase I get hit from either side it would allow the car to crunch and not physically hit him.

So, as of right now, I am considering teh following models and would LOVE any feedback you could provide. I am partial to the Recaro seats but I have seen pictures and read posts about them being quite large.

Recaro Signo
Recaro Como
Batrix Boulevard
Britax Marathon

Maxi-Cosi - but the max weight is 40lbs.
Britax Diplomat - but same max weight.

Anyway, thank you in advance for any feedback or reviews that you could offer, and thank you SillyLilly for THIS THREAD!!!

Here is a pic of the base showing where I like to have my little guy:


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My boyfriend has a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX and I've successfully installed with no problems:

Britax Roundabout
Britax Boulevard
Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe (same shell as Britax Marathon)
Britax Frontier

The only seat I've installed rear-facing, however, was the Roundabout since my son was already forward-facing when we bought the Boulevard and Safe Voyage Deluxe.


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Thank you.
After posting this, I had an idea. I could buy the Recaro that I want from Babies-R-Us online and if it doesn't work, I can return it to the store. So, I think I am going to run there at lunch tomorrow and test fit a few for a back up and so I can compare measurements to see if it will even be close. They will give me full in-store credit for the return of the product purchased online.


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I own a 1997 Subaru Impreza, so close to the same car that you own. I have fit pretty much any seat I have tried back there without much problem. I have never been able to get a secure install in the center though as I have a hump that makes it impossible.

However I will say that my Evenflo Triumph Advance (EFTA) fits the absolute BEST in the back seat leaving lots more space in the back seat RF then another other seat I have ever tried! However I have also fit a Britax Marathon in the back seat without much if any issue either. However it was a tight fit, but would have worked great in the center could I have gotten a good install!

So I would take a look at the EFTA. It is sold at Target. I hope this helps!

Also wanted to share that you should keep your little one RF for as long as possible. It is now known to be 4-5 times safer for them to ride RF to the max limits of the seat. If you look around you will find ALOT of older toddlers RF around here! Here is a GREAT video showing & telling WHY to keep them RF!


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Thank you for the great information! As of right now, I am only considering the rear-facing position as this orientation will be the most challenging to FIT the seat into the car - which is the reason for my web digging. He will definately stay rear facing for as long as the seat will allow.

Per the hump in the middle of the car, I had a thought and wanted to bounce it off of the people here. I work in the acoustics and soundproofing industry and have access to commercial grade foam cutting machines. It would be VERY easy for me to take the rear seat out of my car, remove the hump and re-upholster the seat to level the surface on which the seat base rested.

Would this be safe?


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I just wanted to chime in and let you know that I have a Recaro Signo and I love :love: everything about it! It does sit up higher than other convertible seats but it takes up surprisingly little room (front to back). It may be a bit cumbersome getting your son in/out but with practice I think you'll be fine!
Here is a picture showing the room you'll have, the front seat is all the way back:


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First off I see you're using LATCH in the center with your infant seat base. Unfortunately, Subaru doesn't allow that. The lower anchors are for outboard positions only. You'll have to use the seatbelt if you want to keep him in the center. That can complicate things a bit because Subaru's notoriously long buckle stalks can make installs tricky. If you're not able to get a tight install with the seatbelt in the center, you're better off moving him by the door. Yes, there is more danger of intrusion in a side impact, but that's still better than a loose center install.

I drive a 2001 Outback. The long buckle stalks combined with the center hump and a rigid plastic piece for buckle storage have made rf center installations difficult. I've not been able to acheive an acceptable rf installation with Britax convertibles. That being said, you don't have the same plastic piece and it looks like the contour of your seats may be a bit different than mine.

By some reports, the Recaro convertibles do take up less room front to back than the Britax. However, they shells are very tall and they may obscure your view in the center position. Is there a store near you where you can try them? I know USABaby has them and is in the Minneapolis area.

I don't know that I can advocate cutting the seat down, because I'm not sure it's just foam making the hump in the center. Ours is quite solid.


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I measured my signo for you: from the bottom of the base to the highest point of the seat I got 25inches. So, yes it is rather tall, you might want to take that into consideration.


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Thank you very much everyone for all of the information. I was made aware today that my center install needs to be re-done. I think I can get a good install, but if not, I'll move him to the outside. I am going to take some measurements tonight and maybe tape some cardboard together to see if my view is obstructed. I love duct tape. :D

I will also post pics of my setup once I get it figured out...

Does anyone know of a stickey thread with pictures of:
Automible make, year and model.
Car seat make and model
and a pic of the install (a correct install :))

Firemomof3, I found your picture on a google images search, and it is actually the reason why I started looking more in depth. I don't have the ability to recline my rear seats and even my infant seat barely fits... If I didn't love my car so much, I would probably consider something else, but I'm sure I will figure out a way to get a seat into my car safely.


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That is an amazingly great help, thank you!!!!!
How much of a pain is it to get your child in and out of the car? It doesn't look like much room.

Thank you!!!!!

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