Question Convertible rec please!

A friend of mine asked me some recommandation for her 6 mo daughter. She is 20# and wears 9-12 months clothes. I don't know her height. Her son is 4,5 yo and over 50#. This is what she is looking for:

1- NON twisting harness (she has a AOE and hates it because of the harness. Consequently, a good harness is her MAIN priority!)
2- Long harness (she has big kids)
3- Budget friendly (if possible)

I've talked to her about ERF. I'm not sure that I've convinced her :rolleyes:
She has a Jeep but I don't know the model exactly.
I'm sorry; I don't have a lot of details.

Thanks in advance!!!
And.... is there any seat that she SHOULD avoid because of the harness????


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The type of Jeep will matter - some of them have fixed forward leaning head rests that make it VERY challenging to fit a forward-facing seat into.

If she hates twisty straps she won't like TrueFits or any Dorel (Cosco, Eddie Bauer, Safety 1st, etc) brand seat.

Britax, Radians, MyRides have decent straps. Britax is not great for tall kids. The MyRide is great rear facing and is the most budget friendly of those three but isn't tall forward facing. The Radian is tall and the harness isn't twisty but it's hard to tighten each time (I leave mine pre-set and don't loosen at all) and it isn't budget friendly either.

I hardly ever see Evenflo seats so I don't know how their straps are for twistyness, and have never used one myself. The Triumph (40lb rear facing version) might work, but hopefully someone more well-versed in that seat could pipe up.
Thanks Pixelated!!!
- Ok, I've just emailed her to ask her what model of Jeep she has.
- It's good to know that TF has a harness prone to twist. TF is on sale right now on Amazon so I was wondering if it was a good option for her.
- I've done a research on the site about the EFTA and it looks like that the harness twistes. And it looks difficult to resolve because the harness can't be disassemble from the car seat.

So, I'm waiting for her email and then, I will let you know what car she has.
Thanks again!


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Maybe the True Fit is kind of midway between the twistyness of the Dorel seats and the non-twistyness (how's that for a word!) of the Britax, etc. But it drives me nuts how the width of the slot in the buckle tongue is about a mm too narrow for the width of the strap and makes it roll. I am diligent about keeping that roll out of there, but I have to fix it every single time so it doesn't worsen.

And now that I re-read this - is she looking for a seat for each child, or just the youngest?
Ok, so, it's too bad that the TF has this kind of harness.
Finally, she doesn't have anymore her Jeep. Her new car is a 2013 Dodge Journey (7 seats).
I think that the best seats for her baby are the MR and the Radian. Am I forgetting one? Are the MR and Radian compatible with the Dodge Journey?

She doesn't need a new seat for her 4,5 yo.


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Forgot two - the Foonf, and the new Peg Perego convertible seat. I doubt either of them are twisty, but I haven't seen a Peg seat in person, and only one Foonf and don't remember specifically how the harness was. Those are not budget friendly ($500 for the Foonf, $350 for the Peg).

She'll get the most time out of the Radian. I *think* it works in a Journey but as always she should try before she buys. There's a super sale coming on Saturday only at on the Ventura pattern for $266.

She should also know, if she doesn't already, that there are no top tether anchors in her 3rd row, so that means no forward facing harnessed kids there. Dumb, but that's how it is.

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