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My DD is almost 2.5 yrs, 25 lbs and 32.5 in (sound right? She's on the petite side for height). She has been FF since age 2 in a boulevard, until it expired. Now we have a frontier (old one) that I HATE! I hate how hard it is to install, and its not rock solid installed enough for me. I dont want to se it anymore. I considered buying a cheap convertible like the scenera or sure ride (need a backup seat for DH's car anyways - this could be used for that when I get something else) and putting her in it RF until she's 3, and then buying the frontier 90. I loved how easy it looked to install the frontier 90 and all the features I hate about my frontier have been changed. Other option is buy a nice convertible seat (next fit, TF, or peg) and use it until she outgrows it. She is my last baby and I don't want to buy a pricey convertible now and frontier later, so if I go with pricey convertible now, I'd likely just move her to a HBB when she outgrows it (assuming she could sit appropriately in it). What to do??? I over think these kind of things. Lol.


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She's small, so really almost any convertible you buy her will last to at least age 6. At which point she should be fine in a booster. You honestly don't need a Frontier at all. If you're open to rear facing her again, you could do so in almost any convertible you like.


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I would absolutely go with a convertible and re RF. The converible seat should get you to a safe booster age. If you are interested in a very easy installation the nextfit might be your seat. The latch install looks like a breeze.

Also I would get a sureride for the other vehicle. The 19" top slots could buy you extra harness time if she needed it or if you needed an extra seat for a friend its one of the best seats out there for fitting newborns to kindergarten.


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I turned DS2 RF after he had been FF for a year and he didn't mind at all. There are actually lots of options in convertibles that make them awesome ff seats as well. I'd rather have a dedicated booster at booster age than a heavy frontier anyway.


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I'd get a SureRide and rf for now. If you like it a lot, keep it as her main seat, if not make it her back up. As small as she is, the 19" harness will likely fit her until the seat expires.


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I'd also get a convertible and go from there. The Sureride would probably fit the bill nicely.

My 3 year old is also quite petite. Even at 36 inches the Frontier is too big for her to sit in comfortably. He knees don't quite bend at the edge of the seat and the seat doesn't cradle her at all. She would be very uncomfortable if she tried to sleep in it.


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Ok, sounds like a convertible is best way to go. Another seat I was impressed with the cushioning was the safety first complete air.

For a petite child, who needs to fit in this seat until age 5-6 years. Any thoughts on which seat is best? It will be installed outboard in an Odyssey. I want to love the seat for ease of use and comfort. Price not a concern if it means its a seat I will love. Headed to BRU on Friday to try some of these out.

These are on my short list:

1. Peg
2. Britax boulevard g3. (Loved my old boulevard)
3. Next fit
4. True fit premier
5. Safety first complete air


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The Complete Air would fit your needs. Reportedly the new models have dual recline lines so are allowed to be more upright. We have a CA50 as a spare seat. I like it but don't love it. Ours has the base and it requires a long screwdriver to reach through it and pop some things off to remove the cover. The headrest cover isn't removable. It doesn't fit newborns (not a problem for you). It installs well for me and has great legroom. DD2 seems comfortable in it. Its nice FF too and decently tall at 17" I think. It has a continuous harness if you have a preference. No harness covers (at least on our version). Some kids find the harness straps too close together.

The Britax seats are shorter than the old ones. Your DD would still have plenty of room, but they don't have very good legroom. I probably wouldn't get one for a 2 year old.

TrueFit Premier would be great. DD loves hers. I wish we had the new headrest. It has great legroom and I love the anti rebound bar. The only thing is she will look tiny in it. DD2's head drops to the side while sleeping sometimes and the seat is so wide her head goes completely sideways and hurts her neck. I try to put something beside her head if I think she will sleep. Otherwise, its really grow on me and she loves it.


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I like the pria 70. Ive been useing it less than a week, but it really cushy. My son loves it. And its top slots ive heard are 18". Although I havent measured yet. Lots of rear facing leg room. My son will be 3 in a few weeks. This will get hin to booster age.

His other seat is a my ride. I love it just has much. I have 2. With your dd size, ide ssve the money and get the my ride or sure ride. In fact , ide buy the cuddle my ride listed on swap. I have that seat. Its even prettier in person.


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I love my Blvd70, and my small 3.5 year old still has RFing room in it but I would not buy one for a 2.5 year old.

I would be looking at the Peg and the Nextfit if I were you. I don't have either seat and have only seen the Peg once though.

I have also heard really good things about the Pria, but again, I don't own one and have never seen one in person.

If I was in your situation I would probably get a Evenflo Sureride and wait for the Peg to be released with the ARB and for their to be more reviews on the Nextfit before deciding since you said you need a seat for Dh's vehicle anyway.

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