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Hi, I have a 2004 Volvo S60, and wonder what car seats will fit both rear- and forward-facing into this car? I have the Graco Snugride 32 and it fits well, although the front passenger side seat is pushed up a bit, and I don't want to have to push it forward much further. I believe it only has LATCH on the sides and not the middle. Thank you!!!


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You are right that it only has LATCH on the sides and not in the middle. :)

How old is the kiddo who you are looking for a convertible for? How much does the kiddo weigh? Are there any other kids/carseats in the car? That can help us give better recommendations for your situation. :)

My mother-in-law had a 2004 S60 (and I have a 2004 S80, so pretty similar). I installed the old-style Britax convertible seats in the S60 rear-facing, so I think the new-style ones should also fit. I'd recommend the Graco My Ride over the new Britax seats, though, because the My Ride's shell is taller, so it will last longer rear-facing (the My Ride and the new Britax seats RF to 40 pounds). The My Ride will last most kids until 3 or 4 years old rear-facing. The My Ride should work in the S60, because it installs very upright; I had it rear-facing in my S80, and it fit everywhere else I installed my old Britax seats. I also installed a True Fit rear-facing in my S80, but I don't like it as a rear-facing seat (it's hard to adjust rear-facing), but others love it. It only has a 35 pound RF weight limit.

Other seats to look at might be the Evenflo Triumph 65, the Evenflo Momentum, and the Maxi Cosi Pria 70. I haven't tried any of these seats, but they do have the reputation for installing fairly upright/taking up little room from front-to-back. I have installed a Radian rear-facing in my S80, but it might be a little too big front-to-back to deal with in an S60. Diono (formerly Sunshine Kids) is supposed to be releasing a wedge to go under the Radian to help it install more upright, so it might still be an option.

As for forward-facing, those pesky Volvo headrests can make installing forward-facing seats a problem. I don't believe I have ever tried any convertibles FF in my car (the seats that I like best for rear-facing, like the My Ride, I don't like as much as forward-facing seats, but that doesn't mean that convertibles won't work forward-facing). It might be worthwhile to go to Babies-R-Us and try seats out both rear-facing and forward-facing.

My kids are both currently in a Britax Frontier 85 in my Volvo, which works nicely as a forward-facing seat, because the headwings sort of go around the headrest. You can see where the pink arrow is on the picture below how the shell of the seat fits below the Volvo headrest (it's an old-style Frontier in the picture, but the Frontier 85 fits very similarly).



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I agree age/stats of child matter. I will second I'm not a huge fan of TRue Fit rearfacing. It was ok as young infant but with toddler and headrest etc...wasn't fun in my S60. Once I upgraded to an SUV, still not a fan of RF truefit!

I have used Marathon successfully, even happily, as RF seat in S60.

Hope that helps !

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