Question Coming to grips with FF?


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My daughter will be 4 yrs old in February. She is approaching the limits of her 2010 SK Radian for RF, closer by height than weight but I haven't actually weighed her in her winter gear (and honestly have no plans to).

Selina has expressed an interest in FF, in the past and mostly because her gramma (my MIL) suggested that "big girls face forward". A serious, honest discussion with Selina about how RF is safer for her convinced her, and MIL was told it is *our* decision and she is not to talk to S about it.

Since she is really close to the limits (Canadian limits on her seat are 44" & 45#) - 42.25" tall & 38# in light pjs - I'm considering turning her FF soon, like this week. I asked her today & she said she likes facing the way she is. I'm also struggling a bit with it... she's still my baby & I want to protect her!

Suggestions? For both talking to her about it (whether that's now or when it actually *has* to be done) and how to make me feel awesome about it?

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As a mom who has faced turning her babies forward, then moved them into boosters, then seatbelts, then -eeeekkk- let them drive!!! just do it. Close your eyes, hold your breath, and let the very human process of positive feedback happen.

I won't say it's easy. Nothing about letting our babies grow up is easy. Nothing about taking risks is easy. But it DOES work out.


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It's hard to watch them grow up :(

You have given her a huge advantage by rear facing this long and made it much longer than the majority of parents do. Give yourself credit and know you did a great job.


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I was somewhat forced into coming to grips b/c my kids reached limits on their seats and based on seats on the market at those times, it wasn't really feasible to spend more money on a new seat for the small amount of additional time it would give.

With DS, he was close on the Radian XTSL for awhile and did have to go FF in our other car at 3y3m. But I did push back with DH to keep DS RF in the XTSL until he did turn 4. After his birthday I did go ahead and have him FF in both cars v. having to frequently weigh him (he was 43.5 lbs with no clothes in the summer).

I don't know that I'd turn your DD FF right this week, but would give her the choice after her 4th birthday. But either way, you've kept her safer for a good amount of time and riding properly secured FF is very safe too.


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You could always just wait until she hits the limits. That might make you feel better. I turned my oldest two at 1 year (such a mistake). I was much more educated with our 3rd. The move to boosters for DD was hard! Now our 3rd will be 4 in March and is close to her seats' limits too (hers aren't the biggest available though) and I'm having a hard time with it. I figure I will keep her rf to 4 and turn her soon after that unless she hits a limit sooner. I'd probably shift seats around to get her to 4 though.


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I wouldn't make it a big deal. When you want to turn it, reinstall FF and life goes on. I think if you discuss it too much they pick up on your nervousness and get worried themselves. You did an amazing job getting her to 4yo RF, she is very safe FF now, it's all good.
My kids all maxed out their seats (Sam was about the same age/size in a RN, outgrown by headspace) and I just turned the seats overnight. The first day they seem kind of confused and/or excited, and after that it is just how it is.


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I like to wait until after the winter months and slippery road season has passed. I think with the stats you posted she would probably make it through most of the winter if you decide to go that route. Know that eventually it gets easier! I had a hard time with flipping our oldest, but after a little time it just seems normal.

Good Luck on you decision!

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