Combo Seat: Easier strap to adjust than Apex?


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Well, we have switched DS to the Apex, and I am just not used to using the front lever strap adjuster from the Evenflo Triumph's knob. Frankly, I loved the knob, and am not so crazy about the front adjust. I find I have to pull on it really hard to get it to move at all.

I know that once I have the straps set, I don't have to noodle with them too much, but I have DH and my older kids (13 and 16) who all help with in/out duties, and then like to just open up the straps wide to make it easier, then they are used to cranking it tighter with the knob. I feel that if it's not easy to re-tighten the harness, they will just give it their best shot (1 or 2 tugs) and leave it at that. I go by the 2-fingers slack or less rule, but with them it's more like 2-3 fingers -- am I right or am I being nutty?

For our 2nd car (and trips to Grandma's), is there a combo seat that has anything other than a front adjust button? I am considering either Radian or FBSVD, but from what I can see in all the pictures, these have front adjusters, too. If they are all going to have the same device, are some of them better than others in terms of ease of harness adjust?

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Since you loved the Triumph, you may check out the Evenflo Generations, Traditions, etc. seat. It only harnesses to 40 pounds which may be a problem, you didn't give you son's weight, but it has the same knob adjuster your son's Triumph had.

Those two Evenflo seats are the only two seats on the market with that kind of adjuster. I am fairly certain Evenflo has it patented so they are going to be the only manufacturer period to have it. It's definitely a love it or hate it thing with people. In general if you have the hand strength and your vehicle seat doesn't interfere, it's very easy to get SUPER tight. The drawback is that if anything happenes to the harness, you have to buy a whole new seat. Not worth the risk imho.

As long as you cannot pinch any slack vertically on your son's harness, it is tight enough. Like I said it's very easy to get a super tight, almost too tight, fit on the triumph, so you may just not be used to the looser but still acceptable tightness of other seats. It's also worth uninstalling and reinstalling the Apex to check to make sure the harness isn't getting hung up somewhere on the back of the seat.


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The Evenflo Generations has the same knobs as the Triumph, and a pretty tall harness, but the harness only goes to 40lbs.

The only higher weight seat I can think of with knobs is the Safeguard ( ) But, the Safeguard is around $430, so it may not be an option depending on your budget.

The FPSVD has the same pull strap/lift lever style adjuster, but I do think it would be easier to adjust than the Apex. The issue with the Apex, and a lot of combination seats, is that once it is installed tightly, the harness gets wedged between the seat shell and the vehicle seat, making it very hard to adjust. There's more shell around the harness on the FPSVD so it doesn't have that problem. I can't recall exactly what the back of the Radian looks like so I don't know whether it would have that problem or not. Hopefully someone else can help with that.


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Since you loved the Triumph, you may check out the Evenflo Generations, Traditions, etc. seat. It only harnesses to 40 pounds which may be a problem, you didn't give you son's weight, but it has the same knob adjuster your son's Triumph had.
The other Evenflo seat with knobs is the Bolero, not the Traditions. I think the Traditions is similar to the Chase with the "on chest" harness adjuster. The Bolero is like the Generations, except with no recline bar and less padding.


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Thanks, all. The Apex is installed in my Sienna (middle seat, 2nd row cap's chair) nice and tight. If I re-install it, should I install it looser to see if that helps free up the adjuster? But shouldn't my install be as tight as possible?

The SafeGuard is definitely out. If I paid that much for a seat I would have to put it up on a pedestal and hang a velvet rope around it. :eek: I wish I could see a FPSVD! None of the stores around me have it in stock!

Also, my DS is 35 pounds and 41". We moved him from the Triumph to the Apex after his 40-month checkup (official height>40"), even though his ears were still below the seat shell (mfr's guideline). I am pretty sure we are done with the Triumph. He was juuuusssst about even with the top shoulder slots, so when I learned that he was 41", I just decided it was time.
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I find that sometimes I need to do a series of short "tugs" on the front harness adjuster rather than just pulling hard. I recently installed an Apex for a family and once the child was in the seat it was difficult to tighten the harness just by pulling. It seems the short "tugs" slowly tighten the harness bit by bit.

Good luck to you!:)

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