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I'm starting to think about baby car seats. I can't help myself.:) I had always planned to get myself a Coccoro with my next grandbaby. Is it doable to use the Coccoro and the Flash as a travel system for me? I guess, does the seat go in pretty easy that you could use it this way? For me it wouldn't be every day use. More a day here and there babysitting and if I wanted to go anyplace.

Also, I don't see the 3 lbs version anywhere that I looked on line. Is that available yet? Not that I would need that or anything, but I would want the newer version just because.


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I think it depends on the vehicle and where you are trying to install it. I have a heck of a time in either of our cars with a seatbelt install in the center. As in, once it is in, I don't touch it! It goes in with LATCH beautifully in one of our cars outboard and I could use it that way if I wanted to. When we rented a car this summer, it came out and installed fairly easily. (great for when she was sleeping when dh dropped us at the train station)


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Wendy had her hands on both old and new versions. I don't know if she got the new one via "regular" channels or not, but you should ask her.

For my car, no way could the Coccoro have been used as a travel system. I have never had more difficulty installing any other seat. Other people have no problem, so I think it's really a YMMV situation.


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i have a coccoro. installing and uninstalling would be a major pita - imagine having to do that with a bucket seat, esp with a baby in there. coccoro also doesn't have a handy handle.

i got mine (2 cherry pies) from target online, and they're the 3+ lb one. i'm going to return one since i don't think i'll need it.


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I couldn't use the CCO in my car that way. I can barely get it installed in my car after 20 minutes of tightening it. It is a marginal install. It is the hardest of my seats to install. I think the new one might be better bc it isn't as slippery on the bottom though. I'd test it in your own car first.


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Yup, I'd never use mine as a travel system. Once I manage to get a tight install, that's that- not getting it out for awhile, especially with a baby in there!! The Flash is really only good for traveling thru airports, IMO, not as a regular infant travel system.

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I far prefer the seatbelt with Combi's lock-off over LATCH (even the new premium connectors). It's light enough to move around with the baby buckled in, but it's hard to reinstall when occupied. It's hard to get leverage on the CCO to press it down into the vehicle seat with a baby sitting where I usually push (or kneel in order to use both hands :eek:).

Oh, and if you accidentally lock the belt when doing the Euro routing, you'd practically have to flip the babe on her head in order to get the shoulder belt off. I usually just left the shoulder portion flat against the seat back if it was a short term install.


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I've used it as a travel system before, but just here and there, not for regular use at all. I didn't have a problem getting it in or out with a kid in it, but it's not something I'd want to do more than I had to.


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Thanks for the input. Well, I figured it likely wasn't very doable. Mostly you guys have confirmed that. I'm still going to have one, if it seems logical after the infant seat is done!


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I have a Coccoro and I wouldn't use it as a "travel system."

Just get a Coccoro and whatever stroller you like. You can put baby in the stroller without a carseat. We use a convertible from birth and I never used a carseat in a stroller.


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I agree with the above posts as an every day travel system no way but during holiday shopping I did use it with the flash as a travel system for my 24 month DD to speed up and extend my shopping time bc she hates getting in and out of the seat and it wasn't too bad...


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I've done it a few times, but wouldn't do it regularly. It's most convenient when Bebe is asleep and I want him to stay that way for awhile.

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I wouldn't use it as an every day travel system. I think the new LATCH would make it easier to install/uninstall, but to me there would be to much room for error to keep taking it out. We have a flash stroller for out when traveling.


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Both Kohls and Amazon are shipping newer versions in licorice.

I would not use it as a travel system.

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