Chicco Polly or FP Deluxe?


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Looking for opinions from owners of either the Chicco Polly or the FP Deluxe Care Rainforest high chair.

My son is 8 months and at the top of the growth charts.

My sisters both had great luck with the FP Deluxe model (and it goes up to 50lbs) but now they only have the obnoxious Aquarium and Rainforest chair pads available. Haven't been able to find a used one with "normal" older patterned chair pad.

Chicco Polly was next pick for me and its appearance is nice too, but it only has a 37 lb weight limit. I don't know anyone who has this, but it got good reviews on a few sites. More feedback would be nice.


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I LOVE my Polly!!!!! I've had it since Leah was born, because it reclines almost flat and it made a great seat to keep her in the kitchen here next to me. I wouldn't say it's particularly easy to clean, but I love the padding and the adjustable foot and backrests (I actually just recline the back to get her out, rather than remove the tray, it's easier to do that).

So, comfort and adjustablity are tops, cleanability is average at best (that groove in the front of the tray really doesn't get clean, did you see that on the other reviews? I'm pretty tolerant of 'ick', though, so it doesn't really bother me, lol), and it folds really small (if I needed that...)....oh, and the BRU model is really nice and neutral...
Now, if you want to go small, simple, and easy to clean, the FP booster is totally awesome...

If it's any help, too, I can't stand the Peg Perego highchairs...they aren't that easy to fold or adjust or clean, and the tray is mega-high... just my humble two cents on that, but I'd rather put THAT money towards a better carseat!


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Thanks for your input ... love the photos! What a couple of sweet hearts! My husband is bit of a neat freak so as long as the Chicco can be cleaned well he is all for it. My concern with it is the weight limit at 37# since I have a big boy and want to use it as long as possible. Fisher Price is 50# limit and seems a little roomier ... but such a loud pattern! Just not sure what to do.

Any idea on how "strict" weight limits are for high chairs? I am assuming it isn't as important safety-wise as compared to car seats for example.


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Yeah, I was trying to think about how strict those limits's truthfully a very solidly built seat, so I'm not sure why so low (they also have low limits on their strollers... not sure how they decide that???)

At any rate, even though he's a big guy, 37 pounds is 'average' for a 3.5 year old and he might slow down a little... I never use my highchairs as long as I anticipate... 2, maybe 2.5, so I think 37 is kind of generous enough for a highchair weight (of course, my 7.5 year old isn't quite 50 pounds, so we aren't on the heavy end of the spectrum, so it's easy for ME to talk!)

I wish someone else would chime in :D


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Thanks joolsplus3 ... you have been helpful, but a few others' remarks would be great too!! So far my son is following the exact same growth pattern as his cousins ... and all three were already 35 lbs before age 2!


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We have a Polly and LOVE it! I second everything Julie said too.
I have found that the tiny crack in the front of the tray (where tray meets baby) can be cleaned easier with a folded up piece of paper...or a fingernail:eek: , paper works better tho:p .

As for the weight limit, I didn't realize it had one. My 3.5 year old has sat in it quite extensively and it's no worse for the wear...if you're really worried about
that but love the chair you could always just keep it on a lower setting as baby gets bigger. Strollerqueen (I think it was SQ anyway) once said that a lot of euro companies have lower weight limits on strollers, etc. because they
just assume that the baby/child will have stopped using them by then so why should the weight limit be higher...or something like that:p .
It seems like a sturdy chair to me and my DH approved too and he's dificult to say the least...he's gotta shake EVERYTHING like a maniac's so embarrassing to go shopping at BRU with him, lol.



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I just wanted to add on the fp deluxe. I had one with the more neutral patterns that you are talking about and it was the most horrible high chair. I had problems with the seat staying locked upright and it didn't fold hardly at all and we lived in a trailer at the time so that was a problem. Also I washed the pad once, which according to the label you can do and it totally ruined it. They ended up sending me a new one but that was not the point. I'm looking at the chicco now since we're moving to a bigger place and would like to have all of my chairs available for adults to sit at instead of booster seats. I love all the bright and happy colors.:twocents:

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