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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, so I hope it's in the right place. Does anyone know if the new Chicco Fit2 is compatible with the same strollers/ stroller adapters as the Keyfit 30? I'd like to use a Fit2 with a Phil & Teds Voyager, but none of the stores around me carry Phil & Teds products in store.

I know that Chicco's statement is that it's up to the stroller companies to determine fit, but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the Fit2 and non-Chicco brand strollers.

Thank you!


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It's very new, so that's probably why you haven't gotten a response yet.

It does say on Chicco's site that the Fit2 is compatible with every Chicco stroller that the KeyFit is compatible with. There are no disclaimers that the strollers must have been made after a certain date or anything, so I'd assume that the Fit2 fits into the older Chicco strollers, no special adaptations made to the strollers. Which would lead me to assume that it would fit in other strollers that the KeyFit is compatible with. Of course, can't confirm this without someone actually trying it.

If it's important to you that you get a Fit2, and you already own that stroller, you can always purchase from someplace that allows returns, and try it and see!


According to Chicco Fit2 website: (, these Chicco strollers are compatible with the Fit 2

Urban 6-in-1 Stroller
Bravo® Quick-Fold Stroller
Bravo® LE Quick-Fold Stroller
BravoFor2™ Two-Passenger Stroller
Viaro® 3-Wheel Stroller
Activ3® Jogging Stroller
Tre® Jogging Stroller
KeyFit® Caddy Car Seat Carrier
Cortina® Magic Full-Size Stroller
Cortina® CX Full-Size Stroller
Cortina® Together Two-Passenger Stroller


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Thanks! I'm due in July, so I haven't gotten the stroller or car seat yet. I called Phil & Ted's to see if they had tried it out, and they said that they wouldn't be able to test it for a year because it's a 3rd party that tests their products. They actually offered me an Alpha car seat for free, so I'll use that instead!

Chicco's customer service, on the other hand, was very disappointing. They sent me a one sentence reply that they "do not recommend using other manufacturers with Chicco products" (surprise!). I was shocked that they weren't more helpful because I've loved Chicco for years, but c'est la vie.

I had a very specific criteria for strollers in mind, and none of Chicco's products fit it. I want one that can be used as a bassinet, RF & FF, and can be converted to a 2 child stroller later on. The Urban gets close to fitting all of those, but it can't be converted to a multiple child stroller. If I'm spending that much money, I want something that will last until I'm done having kids. I like the idea of the convenience of a travel system, but I don't want it to be my only stroller option with a newborn. As a first time mom, I think, "a million other moms can't be wrong," but as a tech/ infant mortality advocate, I think, "my baby's not living in a car seat!"

All things considered, it'll probably be better to use a lower weight RF only, then switch to a convertible with a higher RF weight limit instead of the Fit2. I just got excited because the Fit2 came out the year I'm pregnant, and I've always thought I'd have a Chicco baby. :p

Thanks for your help!

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