CHICAGO - Classes for cab-riders or primarily pedestrian parents?


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Hi, all! I know there are several Chicago-area techs, and I'm hoping someone will know of a resource to help my sister. She lives in the Loop with her husband. They're expecting twins this summer, their first children. They do not drive or own a car. They primarily walk, along with taking the subway/El, and buses. Occasionally, though, they take cabs, whether it be to something a bit of a distance, in the snow, or with a load of groceries.

I live in Houston, a very NON-pedestrian city, so I can hardly conceive of their lifestyle, especially when it comes to having TWO babies! They have said they could possibly give up riding in cabs altogether, but I think it best for them to be prepared to ride in cabs and/or travel to other locales. To do this, they'll need carseats for the babies as well as a good working knowledge of installing the seats, quickly, in cabs.

Because this is likely a common scenario in Chicago, I'm wondering if there might be classes or resources available for parents in the area, specific to installation in cabs?

She has selected the Combi Shuttle 33 infant seats, as she's heard that they're easy to install in cabs. I will be there in about 7 weeks and can show them installation tips and tricks in whatever rental car I end up with using my DD's KeyFit, but I don't know if they'll have the Shuttle and don't expect we'll use cabs.

Thanks for any tips or advice! :)


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Do you know if they babywear or if they will use a double stroller? My first thought was the Coccoro with Flash stroller but that's not a double. However, the Coccoro fits smaller babies well which may be possible being twins. And since it's a convertible, it may last longer than an infant bucket.

So my next thought is the Snugride 30 which fits littles well and can be installed baseless in a pinch. It can also snap into a variety of double strollers. They would have to think about convertibles later, though.

ETA I'm not a tech but responded with my thoughts anyway ;-)

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I live in Chicago and never had a car - until we had our first kid. It is VERY hard to run errands without one once you have children. If I were them, I would buy a car. Cab drivers are insane here. I would not want to ride in a cab with my child unless I had no other choice. If they stick to PT, I would recommend baby carriers and a good double stroller that folds easily like the Baby Jogger City Mini Double.


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What about a double snap-n-go stroller? It would work well for when they went in a cab.

I don't know anything about the shuttle. We have never had one come through a check and they are not sold locally.

I think I would go with the longest lasting infant seat. Its the safety1st onboard35. Use as long as they could.

Next get an easy to install convertible to extend rf.

Then use the safe rider vest after that.

How are they getting home from the hosptial? Do they have a car service they could use? I have heard of them in big cities for families that don't own cars. They sound safer then cabs.

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Actually, the Shuttle will last as long or longer than the OnBoard for many babies. :) However, it can't be used without the base past 22 lbs.-- so they might want to take that into consideration!


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I also live in Chicago and we don't have a car either. Our son is 9 months old and we still haven't taken him in a cab yet--I'm with the pp in feeling that some drivers are just too unsafe. We occasionally rent a car or use a zipcar (hourly car rental), but mostly one of us tends to run the errands while the other is home with the baby. I have taken him on the bus tons of times (we actually brought him home from the hospital on the bus), but with twins that could be more challenging. Congrats to your sister, and good luck!

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