CCO vs. Tribute


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Cost aside and recognizing the 33 lb. RF weight limit on the CCO:

Which would you pick? Longevity and ease of use when it comes to plane travel and installation in rental cars are my two biggest concerns. My goal is to get DS3 to 2/2.5 in either of these seats before using one of our RNs for travel for him.

I realized last night that I have to RF DS on our upcoming trip, so the RN is out as his travel seat ... he may be at the weight minimums for the RN to FF (not sure, haven't bothered weighing him), but he is only 8 months old, so RFing it will have to be. DS is on the long side, about 95%, and is easing down to about 75th for weight.



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I have been debating the same thing. I own both and figured I should just sell the CCO and use the cheap seat for travel. But, I decided on the CCO for 2 reasons: Euro routing & RF tethering. Both are important to me (especially when driving in unfamiliar places.) Plus, the CCO is narrower and super easy to install on the plane (already done it many times.)
I guess you should just decide if those things are important to you, too. Both seats are easy to install, both are pretty narrow, both are outgrown about the same time, and both are lightweight.

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I had both and got rid of the evenflo bc of a few reason beyond the routing mainly the flash stroller and the comfort of the seat.

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One question, what is Euro routing?

CCO it is then, since they will both be outgrown at about the same time. Narrow is super-important because of potential 3-across situations and itty-bitty plane seats. My rear end barely fits in the seats on some of our flights... :)
And to clarify for other folks who may have thought from my pre-coffee post this morning that I was thinking of FF him in the car because he might meet the minimum, he will be RFing in cars until he's outgrown his seats RFing. We're committed to RFing for as long as possible, but it was last night that I realized I would have to RF him on the plane.... which is a first for me.....

Thanks again!


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I got a CCO and did not love it nearly as much as I expected to. It was a great install in my outboard seats, but difficult (maybe even incompatible) in my center seats, where I needed it. It liked to go in tight and then go bonkers over time. I ended up hating it and sending it to live with someone else, lol. :eek:

Despite all of that, if I needed a travel seat, it would be very very high on my list. If you know its limitations and aren't put off by the price tag, then the ability to install with a kiddo in the seat, go on the Flash stroller, fit in tight spaces etc would be major plusses.


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I absolutely LOVED my CCO but I couldn't get it to install on the captains chairs in my 2012 Sienna so I had to sell it. :(

I have a tribute coming for 1/4 of the price of the CCO. Considering it's going to be a flying/travel seat only, I didn't want an expensive seat to get ruined.

If it had fit in my van though, it wouldn't have left!


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Ahh well. Just pulled the trigger on a cherry pie CCO... we shall see.

Our RNs have held up pretty well from our plane travels, but they've never been checked - always used on the plane. Hopefully the CCO will hold up too. :) I look forward to hearing how you like the tribute!

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