Cat Urine on Carseats


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Yep, as the title suggests, my cat has peed on Daniel's (old) Chicco KF. I suspect that he might have peed on his SS1 as well, which is just great! I can't locate the manuals right now, does anyone know how I should deal with this problem? I have a front loading washer that has a handwash setting, I'd prefer not to be handwashing cat pee with my actual hands, yucky yucky yucky. Can I throw both of them in there? With what kind of soap? Tide? Woolite? A little bit? A normal load amount? Is there anything I can do about the harnesses? I'm not sure if they were actually hit directly, but I'd like to at least surface wash them. Can I use a little soapy water and a sponge?

This is just how I'd like to spend my Sunday.


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I wash my covers so I'd say go for it. I'd even use tide because the urine smell may be tough to get out. As far as the harness I'd smell them and see if they were affected. If so I might replace them just because I wouldn't want to mess with washing them.


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I had this happen to an old envenflo tribute. The CS lady said I would spend more trying to clean the cover , and the foam stuff underneath then the seat was worth. She suggested buying a new seat.

I did wash the cover in the washing machine for several cycles with baking soda. I had also sprayed the cover with some spray meant to neutralize the cat pee odor. Nothing worked. The CS lady was right. I spent more on water and the chemicals then I would have just buying a new cover or a new seat. Granted this was a cheaper seat then yours.

Oh and we did replace the harness on the seat, but the smell really never did go away. I kept the seat for TRUE emergencies for two years before I traded in at BRU and you could still smell the cat urine.

This stuff has a good rating on amazon and can be used on carpet , never used it myself though
[ame=""] Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover for Cats, 1 Gallon: Pet Supplies[/ame]


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Word of advice: run it through a cold rinse cycle without soap first! That one step makes all the difference in the world, as I unfortunately know all too well. DH has a cat older than Methusela who pees on everything.:mad: Well, everything that belongs to me anyway, she hates me.

Oh, and BacOut is a fabulous product, works better than any of the pet odor removers I've used and isn't cloying.


I've had the happen as well, accept it was my Radian. I replaced the harness and washed the cover twice with extra rinse, wash, etc added on to the cycles. I then washed, wiped down every piece of the seat, removed all foam that I could to get behind it to wipe that area. I will say that I was lucky, my cat didn't pee on the seat part, so it didn't get the foam.
So, when you are done cleaning the seat, don't put the cover on right away. First smell the cover and if it still smells, try washing again. Second, smell the seat after you haven't been around it for a while and wipe it again.
Good luck.


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My cat peed on a Britax stroller that could not be washed. Smelled for well over a year despite all the anti-urine spray. It's bad when that happens!


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When you say wipe it down, can you be more specific? What can I wipe it down with? Can I use Lysol wipes? Or just soap and water? I'm nervous because I've never cleaned my seat at all (except once I vacuumed it out) and I don't want to do anything that is going to hurt the integrity of the seat and make it so I can't use it later on.

My husband thinks it's possible the cat peed NEAR the seats and not directly on them. They smell funky, but the whole closet smells funky. We're trying to narrow down what the culprit is, and it doesn't hurt to wash the seats, especially now that Daniel is almost grown out of them and we're moving them into storage in the garage.


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Word of advise: If the cat pee is the foam, the smell will never go away. There is no way to wash the foam and multiple chemicals and drying in the sun is not going to work. I had a mold problem and CS told me if the smell was in the foam, it was ruined, and after about a week, I agreed.

I want to say that Graco will send you new foam if you call their CS number...someone did that after their baby soaked it with puke on here I think...


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I've tried EVERYTHING. Nothing has worked for me. I've always had to completely replace the seat. Luckily, its always been infant buckets.

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The only thing that will get rid of cat urine (the chemicals that make that noxious smell in cat urine, just like in skunk spray) are enzymes. You have to soak the cat urine directly in a full strength enzyme based cleaner, usually several times, before you do anything else to it at all. It can take 2-3 applications before the chemicals are broken down enough. A very popular one is Nature's Miracle--they even sell an extra strength cat version at the big box pet stores. It's in a white bottle w/red lettering. If you see one called "Unique", it's even more effective and more cost effective too!

Once you've done the soaking a few times, then you can rinse that out and wash following the regular instructions. Most, if not all, of the odor will come out eventually.

I've had many a sofa, car seat, rug, etc peed on by our cats and saved by the right enzyme based cleaner! ;)



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The good news: The cat did NOT pee on the seats themselves! We found a pile of cloths that the cat DID pee in and the smell was just leeching into everything in the closet. I washed the covers and hung them out today and now they smell fresh and clean like Tide! Hooray! I did find some really crusted and old vomit on the seat... yuck.

Now I have to figure out how to reassemble these seats. Joy.

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