Carseat recommendation for 2 year old with Chiari I



Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with selecting the best carseat for a toddler with Chiari I malformation?


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Hi. I moved your question to a subforum specifically for special needs situations so that techs with more speciallized training would be more likely to see it.

As a general rule, we recommend that any child with a medical condition that effects the head, neck, spine, or bone developement be kept in rear facing seats for as long as possible. Chiari malformation would even qualify for a waiver to legally import and use one of the Swedish rear facing seats that go to 55#.

If you can tell us your child's weight, seated height to the top of head, and what seat is currently being used we can give you a better idea of what might work.


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She hasn't been properly diagnosed with Chiari 1 but the catscan report found "tonsillar ectopia" which is another "name" for Chiari 1. This was on Friday, we have yet to speak with a neurologist or the neurosurgeon her pediatricians want us to see. But, we are needing to get her a new carseat anyways because the one she is in is a temp fix for safety. She had a My Ride but could unbuckle her harness and come out and forward to look out the window. So after her doing this a few times we put her in our backup carseat which is eddie bower/safety first type but has no side protection IMO. I'd rather be more safe than sorry with my baby girl! She is 29 months old, 26lbs and about 20/21 inches sitting.


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Well the easiest fix might be to call Graco and see about getting the other buckle style from what you have. There are two, one with a button on top, one with a button on the front. Try whichever one you don't have.
Of course, this depends on how close her head is to the top of the shell.

There are also several tricks, such as making sure the harness is in in the slot closest to the top of her shoulders, is tightened enough that you can't pinch any slack, or buttoning a roomy shirt over the harness after she is buckled in.

At two, she may be old enough for bribery to work.;)


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I don't have the My Ride anymore :/ We sold it. My original plan was the Graco Nautilus but I saw on here about it pushing a childs head forward? But also have saw where a lot of people are using car seats with like large pads next to their heads. I absolutely HATE the carseat she is in now so I know we will be buying her a new one within the next day-week or so depending on what we find out. I am not sure how quickly they will be able to get us in to see the neurologist and going to assume a few weeks probably.


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She has been switched to rear-facing but she is going to need a new seat that allows more weight being rear facing. We are going to see her peds today and talk with them to see if they recommend anything or what to look for, for her condition.


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I know this post is a little old, but wanted to chime in. My 3 year old (just turned 4 now) was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation in Oct 2011. Carseat safety was a big deal to me prior to her diagnosis, but has become even more so after.

I did not realize prior to this thread that she would have qualified for a waiver for Chiari. I asked around this forum after her diagnosis and no one knew.

I went ahead and bought a Radian RXT. It rear faces the longest of any seat in the US, which is very important for our kids. My daughter just turned 4 a few weeks ago, is 40 lbs, and 40 inches....and is still rear facing.

I hope your child is feeling well, and you have found a neurosurgeon you are comfortable with :)

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