Car sickness


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It never dawned on me until today, but I think dd is developing car sickness. :( The last several times we have gone on a drive over 30min, she has gotten sick nearly every single time. This has been going on for the last year, but it never occurred to me as we don't drive over 20min often. I had her switch seats with her brother so she could ride FF on the trip home and she didn't puke.

I'm not sure I want to deal with flipping her seat every time we plan on going somewhere over 20min. She's nearly 2.5 and 30lbs. I had planned on rf'ing her until she was 3yrs. I think I'll try to get through winter with her rf'ing and then turn her this spring if she's still puking on longer trips. She turns 3 this summer.


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Carsickness is definitely no fun...

What seating position is she in? Does she have a clear view out the back window so that she's more likely to look out the back than the side?

Do you have her more upright?

Have you considered trying accupressure bands, ginger candy/ginger ale, anti-nausea lollipops, etc.?


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Does she get sick more frequently on a full tummy or empty?
For my rfing dd, she gets car sick in the morning on a fully stomach. So we try to avoid car rides at this time because she is sure to puke.
Nibbling on crackers can help some people. Try to keep her window cracked for air. Teach her to let you know when she starts to feel real sick and pull over to get some air and regroup..sometimes that's all it takes to make the car sick feeling go away.

And when we just have to drive with no good place to stop and I'm sure my dd will be sick, I keep a towel in the car to put over her like a blanket so if she sick she and her seat stays clean. That way I can cuddle her faster when we stop cause we won't have to change clothes and stuff. :)

Its tricky when they're young and rfing with carsickness.


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She gets sick on a full tummy. As we don't travel long distances with hungry kids. LOL We had just eaten breakfast 20min before she puked. Fortunately, she puked right as we were arriving and I was able to get her out and have her puke in the parking lot vs the car.

She was outboard. But I'm pretty sure she's puked when sitting in the center as well. She is in a Radian and the only way to get it more upright it to get an AA and then I think it will be too upright. :( I'm hoping we just aren't going anywhere that we can't make a stop every 20min or so. Though, we stopped this morning for breakfast half way and she still puked. :(


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Do you have room to install 2 seats for her in your van, one ff and one rf? Can you have her and bro switch off seats during long trips?


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Do you have room to install 2 seats for her in your van, one ff and one rf? Can you have her and bro switch off seats during long trips?

Not without it being a MAJOR issue. DS is small enough to fit in her seat, but he was TICKED that she was in his seat and afraid she'd puke in his seat. :rolleyes:


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DD2 gets carsick but she's only 22 months so FF isn't an option to me. We drive far a lot and moved to a very hilly area with very curvy roads a few months ago. It sucks. She will not let me put any towel or bib over her harness. I can normally add a small towel down on her side. She was getting sick once a week taking DD to school so I had to wait to give her breakfast when we got back. The biggest thing for her though is cold air on her face. We have a van so thankfully I keep her vent right on her face and even when it's freezing out I keep the her air pretty cold. She is in warm clothes which doesn't seem to make a difference but cold air on her face. The other kids have snuggies to keep warm. I'm pg and get carsick too so I like the cool air too. I keep mine the same temp so I can tell if it's too cold or hot and adjust.

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