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April 8-9-10th officially marks the 10th Anniversary of Car-Seat.Org and Car-Safety.Org! What better way to celebrate than to read through some prior anniversary posts and to use the WayBack Machine! Well, okay, there is one better way: Giveaways!

Ninth Anniversary Post

Seventh Anniversary Post

Sixth Anniversary Post

Fourth Anniversary Post

Second Anniversary Post

Here's what the forum looked like back around our second anniversary in April, 2003, just after we moved from Ezboard (now Yuku) to our own vBulletin hosted forum on January 29, 2003.

Here's a snapshot from May, 2001 of Car-Seat.Org (or see attached image if it doesn't load!)

And here is what Car-Safety.Org looked like back in April, 2001!

The first thread is still archived here (Technically the first post was on April 7th, because we had setup the forums on ezboard but our domain name Car-Seat.Org wasn't working fully until a day or two later!

Currently, the forums generate up to 15,000 visitors and 200,000 page views per day, averaging nearly 1400 posts in close to 140 new threads each day. At peak times, 400-500 members and visitors are browsing simultaneously, with well over 1000 visitors in a 60 minute period. In 2011, the average is around 200,000 uniques and close to 7 million page views per month. Our total for unique visitors in March, 2011 was more than triple the amount for all of 2005 and also nearly three times the amount in March, 2008! The total page views for March were more than 10 times the amount in all of 2005 and over 50% higher than March, 2008! Our database of public posts was about 3,000 in 2003, about 12,000 in 2005, nearly 300,000 in 2008 and around 800,000 today (well over 1 million including our community forums not visible to the public!). You can find other 10th anniversary factoids here!

Here is hope for another 10 years of success in helping parents protect children from their #1 killer. In 10 years, we can drop that to the second or third leading cause of fatal injury to children!


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Very cool. Not all the links are loading for me, but I loved that very first thread post. Caviller - that was Darren's old name? IIRC that was a trivia thing on something wasn't it?


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:) Cool. I think I was still hanging around ivillage carseat board at the time this board was conceived!


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Yes, on ezboard the admin name was "carsafety" and my username was "caviller". It changed when we moved off ezboard to a self-hosted vbulletin in Jan 2003. That's why many old posts, even those from a few members around back then, appear as guests. They were imported from ezboard and not associated with new accounts made here.


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Bump! Happy Anniversary! And no, the forums aren't being sold! Enjoy the next 10 days and a huge thank you to our community, members and guests, for making Car-Seat.Org so successful in helping to protect children from their #1 cause of fatal injury!


So cool to look back at the old formats. I didn't find c-s.o until it was in its current form. It's come a long way!

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