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I am sorry if I sound like i'm taking shots, I'm not , What I should say is that it installs a car seat using mechanical force that a human usually cannot create. i think what you do is awesome, and I would love to show my tool anywhere that someone will look at it. Thanks for the tip. I don't recall mentioning excessive force, but strength. Sit-Tight uses the vehicles seat belt system and other structural points of the vehicle to attach to, which pulls at the angle desired. Also, the car seat is compressed beyond the seat belts fully retracted stage so when the ratchet mech. is backed off slowly, the car seat unites with the seat belt while in a fully locked position, eliminating ALL independent car seat movement at the belt path. As for the website photos, I am working on the site and don't have my rear facing photos up yet. As a law enforcement officer, I believe we recieved adequate training on the subject. However, there is no effective training method to easily console a mom or dad that doesn't have certification or a handy knee to install their car seat right. My site will be complete (with video) and photos of various car seat applications. No intent to single out one car seat, working on the site. I realize that the towels are for rear facing seats etc. My view is that a device of such importance should work w/o the need for such items, front or rear facing. If I offended any techs. it was purely unintentional and simply poor wording. I am only trying to help save children. If everyone in here is cool with installation can you point me to the 66.2%( that don't have their car seats tightly locking the seat in the vehicle. check the website in a couple of days. i should have enough info to answer most any inquiry.


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From what I read on the website, this device is removed after installation. It is only an aid to getting a solid installation. So, presumably, no crash testing would technically be required, as the device itself is not a permanent part of the system as it would be on some of the other seatbelt tightening devices.

Mr. Bowland-

I certainly wish you success if your product works as advertised. My comments were strictly from a marketing perspective. Certification as a technician can add a lot of credibility to any product in this field. Most child seat and accessory manufacturers have at least one on staff, including the sales and customer service representatives who bring the products to shows like Lifesavers and answer questions to consumers on the telephone or by email. No offense to those in law enforcement, I work with many including Robert every week, but many of those without the 4-day NHTSA/AAA training and significant hands-on experience simply do not have the background to be familiar with all the issues regarding child seats. Obviously, there are exceptions, just as there are with many of the advocates on this forum who are not technicians.

Incidentally, the need for a rolled towel or noodle often has nothing to do with the tightness of the installation. It's main purpose is to achieve the adequate recline for newborns and young infants. So, these WILL absolutely be necessary in some rear-facing installations, whether a parent uses your product or not. Also, you will find that the tighter a rear-facing seat becomes, the more likely it will need additional towels/noodles to achieve the appropriate recline for young infants.

As advocates and technicians, we encourage any products that can help parents install seats correctly. Unfortunately, there have been so many bad ones that many of us are very skeptical. It also doesn't help that some of these products have dangerous recommendations in their instructions. I hope you will take any comments here as constructive criticism. The advocates and technicians here can probably help you resolve future complaints or questions, before you bring the product to a show and answer them in person:)

Finally, I notice you mentioned, and also referred to this organization and its director on your website. As a board member of SafetyBeltSafe USA, I highly encourage you to contact her if you haven't already. She may be willing to receive an evaluation sample of your product. At the very least, you would get invaluable feedback by doing this, from a very highly experienced and respected expert in the field.


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You amaze me! You are so INCREDIBLY diplomatic and gentle with your wording.. not to mention honest and direct without too much soft-shoeing OR being too hard edged. Wow. I could use a few lessons there, both in teaching situations and my personal life for sure! Thanks for speaking so clearly.


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Thank you for the kind words:)

I try to be objective, but don't always succeed... Discussions on this forum are quite polite and tame compared to some I have joined on vehicle related forums:) Thanks again for the compliments!

I will note that the website for this product uses copyrighted material from the FAQ at Car-Safety.Org, and no request for permission to use this material has been made.

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