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Besides for Bobby Mac and Strollee car seat pics galore on Pintrest (all which I already have pinned on following) and considering Google images doesn't exactly help narrow down pic search, where can I find perhaps an online catalog/database of fisher price/GerryGuard car seats dating 1985-1995? Is there perhaps a big collectors book I could find a big urban library system where all the Kelly Blue vehicle books are? Or in the 900s invention catalog section in library stacks? I'm still struggling to find the 4-5 car seats my sister and were in 1985-1996, unfortunately there aren't any photos or home video footage of road trips or singing in the car (even though the vhs recorder cam was on my dads shoulder at all other times).

1 infant bucket seat maybe Graco, with yellow/pink Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse pattern on white fabric from 89-91, metal frame with some hard white she'll, doubled as a feed/play, was constantly mounted on dining room table and kitchen counter. Weighed maybe 15 lbs. harness adjuster clip on left harness, was in home video footage. There was also a matching Graco electric baby swing -2 speed modes- with white plastic and yellow/pink Minnie Mouse pattern. Maybe it was a 2 piece set.
1 brown and black Gerry Guard or Fisher Price metal frame overhead shield car seat, ff, 86-87.
1 blue/grey Graco or Evenflo overhead shield 91-93, possibly JCPenny or Sears purchase. Possibly could have been plastic light blue T shield instead of overhead.

1 Gerry Guard/Century shield booster with dark fabric (blue or teal) and pattern of rectangles on fabric, red safety belt under lap shield, 5-8 lbs in weight. This one I'm still itching for, it's been in my head my whole life and for the life of me I either envision it wrong, or it doesn't exist on the Internet. There's a whole pin collection of Gerry Guard and Century shield boosters I have already pinned on Pintrest, it could be one of them, following BobbyMac. Where is it!?


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I was looking through some old photos to post a birthday photo for my Dd's birthday and laughed when I found this!
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Check out this Pinterest page.

Most if the stuff is early 80's but there is some stuff from the 90's

Here is a picture of the booster seat you are describing:

Omg! That's my old booster! Same pattern and everything. I still remember napping on the shield part. It may have been a death trap but it was comfy lol.

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There's also a picture of this in a limo from 1985 -


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My ds1 came home from the hospital in a t-shield in 1996 with the top of the shield in front of his face like 6" in front of him. I didn't think it was safe, but it said "from 5lbs" on the box :rolleyes:

I came home from the hospital in a FP t-shield (9100?) and it did NOT fit. The pictures were hysterical. This was in '93.


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Is there perhaps a big collectors book I could find a big urban library system where all the Kelly Blue vehicle books are?

Wish there was! I'd sure buy a copy if it was published.:) I just resort to saving photos of vintage car seats and other baby gear items from way back whenever they come up for sale on ebay and craigslist.



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Did they test them? I see an ad from (1980's perhaps) that say all the seat meet new federal requirements.

I am curious if anybody figured out what would happen to a kid if he/she actually hit the shield? Most of the seats I see have big shield things in front of the seats, for all ages. I am surprised though that a backless booster pictured looks about the exact same as today.

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Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (defining car seat regulations and standards) was first passed in 1981 so car seats made since then have to meet that standard. Over the years FMVSS 213 has evolved as we have gotten smarter. Looking at some of those older car seats it is a wonder they even worked at all.


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I remember having backless boosters as a kid (although I think I'm remembering my younger sibs in them, but they were probably hand-me-downs) that looked very similar to the ones today. This would've been early to mid '80s. Of course, we only had lap belts...

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