Question Can't decide! Phil and Teds (double) or Bob duallie??


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I am going back and forth on this...pros and cons. I have a single Bob and love it but not sure about the double. Wish I could get both :p

Baby is due mid March. Toddler will be 2 at end of March. Currently weighs 28 lbs and is about 34" tall already. I have a very slim small 5 year old who will walk (always has) but if by chance he feels winded (former asthma, on and off meds) he needs to sit for few.

Can you help me? I am confused on the options.

Phil and Teds with second seat
-Is it really much of a hassle to fold version that you have to remove doubles seat first?
-Lower seat weight limit is low I think
-heard mixed reviews on the canopy, steering, etc.
-I really need something small to go to appts, Drs, small rooms. This might help....
-We have a minivan but will be having to put up the third row so no real extra cargo space.

-I love the steering and the shocks
-I like drinking my coffee while steering, LOL
-Didn't like how the kids have to sit forward and hold onto the snack tray because it leans back so much
-size. Doorways? Folding....ugh!
-I am wondering if my soon to be 2 year old wants to walk...the bob duallie might be a big PITA to push, hold hands or kiddie leash, etc.

Now, I have narrowed it down to these two choices because I don't like the feel of like the uppababy, britax select (I think?) top heavy feeling and hate the not sturdy feel of the bars/metal. Ie/like zooper which I hate.


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I'd go with the Phil and Teds because I like how it is in line and narrow you can also keep the kids separated more easily.
I love my Bob single but I've pushed a dualie and found it to be too wide for me!


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I :love: my P&T double. If the second seat is on top (infant/toddler mode), you don't have to take it off before folding. If the second seat is in back (two toddler mode), you do have to take it off but it is literally two seconds to take it off, three seconds to put it on. It takes just slightly longer to put it back on because you have to get the parts lined up, not just push button and pull.

The back seat weight limit is either 33 or 44 pounds, depending on where it is. The main seat is 55 pounds. My 3.5yo is 31 pounds, and the heavier child is always supposed to go in front, so that doesn't bother me at all.

The canopy doesn't rotate forward too far so it doesn't do a great job of shading. It's not a deal-breaker for me, I'll either supplement with a blanket or I don't really care because I don't spend all day out in the sun. Actually, I take the canopy completely off in the winter. I don't know why, I just do.

I had a friend's long-torsoed 5yo sit in the main seat on mine. She still fit under the canopy, even though she has outgrown the MyRide by height.

I have taken mine to doctor's appointments. If it's a micro room, well, no stroller will fit. If it's a normal, small but reasonable room, the P&T is fine.

It fits fine in the cargo area of my Sienna with third row up, it fit fine in my Civic trunk and it fits in DH's Grand Am trunk, all without doing anything more than the simple fold. If you need it more compact, each of the three wheels pops off and you can change the angle of the handle to make it smaller. I've never had to do those things, though.

I love that it is a single or double, depending on my mood and what we are doing. If DD wants to walk and I agree, then I leave the doubles kit in the trunk. If I want her contained, then I use it. The doubles kit really doesn't take up any extra room in the trunk and it is so fast to add/remove it's no big deal. Sometimes I do take the doubles kit even if I anticipate DD walking, to have more cargo room. I'll put DS in the front seat, then load up the basket and back seat with my purchases. I have done grocery shopping trips, with two gallons of milk and several bags of groceries.

It pushes like a dream, even with two kids in it. I usually push with one hand, just cuz. It easily fits through all regular size doorways without having to get lined up perfectly.

My 3.5yo rarely rides any more, preferring to walk. I was thinking about how much I loved the P&T as a double, and that I was a bit sad I didn't get more use out of it. Well, now I'm pregnant so it'll be getting lots more use!

I got a deal on mine and they sell for more on my local CL. When I'm done with it, I should break even or even maybe make money on it. Either way, I've gotten my money's worth out of it.


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I have a P&T Explorer with the doubles kit in my garage. I love this stroller for so many reasons. It's so easy to push and steer and get it through doors.


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I used to have a P and T and liked it except for one thing that was a huge reason I sold it. The kid in the main seat would quite frequently fall all the way back for no reason. Like, the back would come unbuckled. It was super annoying!


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gsdguenter said:
I used to have a P and T and liked it except for one thing that was a huge reason I sold it. The kid in the main seat would quite frequently fall all the way back for no reason. Like, the back would come unbuckled. It was super annoying!
That should not be an issue on the explorer hopefully!

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