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This forum is for Senior Community Members (1 year registered, 300 posts, 150 reputation points), Technical Professionals and subscribers in Canada to post any Swap related content. Canadian members may also use the Carseat Swap, Swap-O-Rama and PC/ISO Swap forums at their discretion. Please use ebay or other websites for high value items or those where additional security or buyer/seller protection are needed. All registered members are allowed to read and reply to purchase items, but may not post price checks or items for sale/trade/wanted. This contents of this forum are visible to the public, but you must be registered and approved with a confirmed email address to reply to threads concerning an item. All new threads are subject to review by moderators, so they may not appear immediately. Please update the title of your posts to "Sold!" if the item is no longer for sale or if you found an item you listed in a "wanted" thread. For older threads, you may use the "Report Post" feature to have a moderator update or remove it. Please read the announcement for access to post on Swap.

Buyers: please use caution before purchasing used child restraints. Please also examine this Used Seat Checklist first and then check to see, "Is Your Child Safety Seat Safe?," with the included recall list. No products posted here are endorsed by Car-Seat.Org, its owners, moderators or administrators; Buyers Beware and purchase at your own risk and only from members you trust! Even though we do not recommend or vouch for any products sold here, you can be sure our technicians and advocates will quickly report any recalled, expired or clearly unsafe car seats that might ever be listed, so it should be a much safer environment to buy a "pre-owned" child restraint than on an auction site or garage sale. If you have any questions, you can and should always ask by replying to the ad!

Sellers of used child restraints: Please address as many points in the Used Seat Checklist as possible. If you are not the original owner or if a seat otherwise fails a point on the checklist, you should make a complete explanation or not list the seat for sale here at all (then destroy it!). It is expected that this forum be an exchange for "Clean" child restraints. Expired, recalled, damaged, prototype and other restraints can also be exchanged for display or evaluation purposes, but these should be clearly identified as not for use with a child and why. Photos of all child restraints are encouraged.

Since there is no degree of buyer or seller protection, Car-Seat.Org assumes no risk or liability for any exchange or transaction made through this forum. We will not generally intervene on behalf of any buyer or seller. If you have any doubts or want some degree of protection, please consider using a private auction at a site like eBay after you agree on a purchase. Other alternatives include using a reputable escrow service for your transaction or purchasing new merchandise instead. Carseat Swap is intended only as a convenient resource for our members, many of whom happen to be child passenger safety technicians and advocates. It is not promoted as a place where there is any guarantee of safety in regard to buyers, sellers or products listed. We do hope that with the expertise available at Swap, it may be a better place to buy an item than some auction sites where unsafe products are routinely sold.

Otherwise, we expect our members to be honest in their dealings with each other. Repeated complaints will likely result in loss of access. In extreme cases, accounts may be revoked and banned. Please also see before you buy or sell items at Car-Seat.Org Swap. While we hope to provide a safer environment to exchange used carseats in safe condition, there is no way we can vouch for any sellers or items. Even the iTrader feedback system cannot guarantee a reliable transaction and it is for reference only.

Any "For Sale", "Wanted", "Price Check" or similar listings ioutside of the Swap forums may be deleted without warning. Other attempts to circumvent swap posting requirements, such as posting on behalf of another person who does not meet the requirements or replying to an existing swap post with your own similar item, will also be removed.

Thank you!


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Darren, are listings of Canadian seats limited to compliant ones? (Since it's illegal to sell a non-compliant seat in Canada)


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Updated: Seats that are illegal to privately sell/trade in your province or country generally should not be listed for sale, unless there is a special circumstance. Of course, we are not going to prohibit the sale of a carseat based on whether or not it can be legally *used*, but only whether or not it can be legally bought or sold.

There is no longer a queue for new threads that must be approved by moderators in any forum. So, clearly dangerous seats, expired, broken, etc, should be reported by members if you notice something unusual of that nature. It is always suggested that members selling carseats include the DOM and other information for any carseat listed.

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