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Does anyone know when the trade in event is typically held at BRU? Also, can you trade in any seats, or does it have to be certain seats? My parents have an expiring Scenera seat and I am wondering if I can trade it in to get a combo seat for them to replace it now that the kiddos are older.
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You can trade in any seats -- crashed, expired, whatever you want. They take other baby gear too.

I think the sale used to be twice a year, but lately I think it has only been in the winter. It's usually late January to early February, if I am remembering correctly.


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I can't find any info online yet, but I saw in my store (internal website) that it's going to be next month, and it's just carseats and travel systems this year. I don't know if that means that's all we are TAKING, but that's all you can BUY with the coupon.
A scenera would definitely count (and the 70's metal-framed thing I rode in, because, hey, they are just going to put it on a pallet and send it to the dump...), they just give you a coupon for 25% and you can go buy any qualifying item with it :)


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Does an infant seat have to include the base? Or does a base count separate? Does the seat need a cover?

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The site says we can trade up car seat or travel system. Does the latter include strollers too? we have 2 strollers that our LO no longer fits in and could trade up... but don't have any car seats to trade..


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If anyone in or near Middlesex county in Massachusetts wants the discount, I have two old, expired car seats that could be traded in. I have too many car seats & definitely don't need any more even with the discount.

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The site says we can trade up car seat or travel system. Does the latter include strollers too? we have 2 strollers that our LO no longer fits in and could trade up... but don't have any car seats to trade..

I don't think so. I think you have to have the car seat, since this event is about Child Safety Month. If they don't accept the base without the seat, I am guessing they won't accept the stroller component of the travel system without the car seat either. You could call your local store and ask, though.

At the winter event, though, they accept strollers and other baby gear. So you could save them until then.


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My store was sent online coupons, I assume all stores got them, so you can probably have an employee order it for you. Might want to call or ask before you go to the trouble of bringing your seat in, just to be sure, as every store has quirks that could make it easier or harder to do.
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I went in and ordered last year. They didn't have a radian in stock so I just sat down at the desk with the lady and ordered it in store


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Does anyone know if you can stack coupons? Thanks

Technically, no. The fine print on all BRU coupons says, "Cannot be combined with any other “R”Us offer for same item(s) or on prior purchases." But it seems to vary based on the store associate because I have been able to do it a few times. I would say, go to the customer service desk and hope to get someone knowledgeable who isn't a manager!

When I worked in retail I would stack coupons and/or give markdowns for customers that asked once I knew how to do it on the register, but once I became a manager I stopped doing that because I needed to set a good example and had lots of eyes on me. ;)

I will say, I have always been able to price match and use a coupon so definitely have your cell phone with you to check prices. Amazon is usually the lowest, but Walmart is too sometimes.


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I've tried to price match and use coupons and I'm pretty sure it didn't work (sometimes it won't even let me price match if the price seems too low to the computer gods, now THAT's a pain, my managers are never around to override things...)

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