bru and trying out seats


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is it bru policy to let parents try seats in cars if they leave collateral, etc? i called my local bru and they said i cannot,try any of the floor models in my vehicle, no matter what collateral i leave.

anything i can do, aside from buy and return one seat after the other? (which i'd rather not do)

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:confused: Mine also lets you try out as many seats as you want as long as you leave your driver's license.


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yep, I was able to try out in car as well by leaving my license

some others have reported someone came out with them instead of leaving your license


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You should be able to try a seat in your car. Call another BRU if there is another near you. It may a store manager issue.. Not a company policy.


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Did you ask to speak to the manager or was this the sales associate? I would ask why does all the other BRU's allow people to take seats out to their cars.


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Mine let me do it by leaving my ID as well -
I would just go and ask at the store, sounds like you may have gotten someone that didn't know what they were talking about :rolleyes:


When I asked about trying seats in my car at a BRU, they looked at me like I was crazy and said, "no, of course you can't do that." I persisted and they said they'd call someone from security. (?) When the security guy came he said, "sure, go ahead," and didn't ask me to leave anything.

So, you might have better luck actually going to the store.


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Go physically into the store and ask. If you get a "no" then ask for a manager. They'll want to make the sale to boost numbers, let them know you're not buying anything unless you KNOW that it fits and they'll change their tune.


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When the MyRide was new I went to BRU to try it. It was a 1.5 hour drive from home. When I asked about trying it in my car they said that wasn't something they usually allow but said since I had come all that way they'd let me with someone from the store going out with me. I was pretty surprised since I'd heard so much on here about everyone trying seats there with no problem.


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If they didn't let me try the seats, I'd say, "Ok, in that case I'll buy one of each of the seats I'm considering, take them to my car, try them out, and return the one(s) I decide not to keep."


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I've always been to take seats to my car by leaving my ID. Infact, when the whether gets warmer I have plans to do another photo shoot and will try to take more than 1 at a time.


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I went in to the store and spoke with a manager. An associate got one of the huge carts and took 3 seats out to my car with me. She was super sweet about it! :D

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In Nov we came in looking for a Radian and CA65. The store I went to didn't have the Radian. I put DS in the CA to see if he even liked it/the head wings before buying it, since he's opinionated about his seats. I didn't even say anything and a sales lady said "you have the car here you want it in? If so, take your ID to the front desk and go try it out." I had planned trying it out anyways. Walked up to the front desk DH gave the lady his ID and out to the truck we walked. The girl didn't even look at his ID. He could have handed her a fake one and walked off with the seat.

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