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Somehow I became a Britax snob in the past year. This will get messed up in a few months when DD2 gets her TF, but for now I love our Britax seats. DD Canyon FR85, DS Maui FR85, and DD2 RA55 RF. The wayfair FR85 arrived today. It was perfect timing b/c dd has been boostered since summer doing really well. Today on the way home she leaned way forward to yell at DS and would not sit properly when I told her. She was having a meltdown and "could do what I want!". She is so tired everyday and loves the recline compared to her nautilus. She has about 1.5" in harness and obviously we have plenty of kids to pass it to later.



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Right there with ya! I love my Britax seats! I also love my Graco Safeseat, but I really LOVE my Britaxes!

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My first Britax arrives tomorrow (way fair fr85). Excited to experience the Britax love. ;)

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:love: Britax too! I had no idea what the deal was about until I purchased our first on back in 2008. We had a Graco Safeseat when she was an infant and I really liked that seat too! Nothing against other seats, I would love a Radian (some of the covers are divine!) Britax totally won me over with ease of use-the Marathon65- Comfort, looks though the FR85 needs some girly prints lol. My only complaint is that the FR85 is a :eek: to install!! 45 minutes and some choice language and we finally got a good solid install that even the Tech's here in our town said was good. In fact they didnt want to remove the seat for fear they would have to put it back in, first time they had seen a Frontier,( I live in a small town in N.Mich and local stores do not carry it) They had even told me at first that it was not installed correctly :rolleyes: I watched that Youtube video 20 times!!!! They finally agreed after reading the longbelt path that indeed it was correct. I felt pretty good that I got it right. :cool:

Okay sorry took that post for a ride. I do love our Britax's though!


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I like britax too. I own 2 already and have 1 otw (i think) and I only have 2 kids. What was your dom on the fr85? Oh, and btw, my fr85 in the same color as yours will eventually go in the same spot in the same vehicle as yours so I'm happy to see it there.


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I fully admit to being a Britax snob. I :love: their seats so much! I realize they arent perfect for everyone, every vehicle, or every situation but so far they have been perfect for us!


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It was June '11 DOM. It installed ok there though I have the one in the 2nd row a little tighter. I will see if dh can snug it up a little more but it's tight enough to not easily move at the belt path. I used LBP but SBP might be better there. Of course the tether is in an annoying spot but it's not as bad as I thought and I can easily loosen and unhook while putting groceries in then hook it back if it's in the way. In a few months DS will move back too so hopefully they work fine in the outboard spots then.


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cpsaddict said:
Right there with ya! I love my Britax seats! I also love my Graco Safeseat, but I really LOVE my Britaxes!

This!!!!! I had a Safeseat for Dd1 then I used with all my kids and even tho it was nice and worked great for us. I LOVE my Britax seats. 3 COWS!!!! 2 marathons and a frontier.


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Me too, me too ;)

Although I do really like the most of the non-Britax seats I've had too, didn't LOVE the Uptown but it served it's purpose very well. But Britax are just so nice and easy to install and look so comfy


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Add me to the group of Britax snobs. Don't even want to count how many I've had over the years. Currently have 3 for my youngest 3...and 2 for my dd's baby. Have a stack of spare covers from my old seats. LOL I've had them all...RA, DC, MA, BV, BV70, FR85...OK, well most of them. Usually 2 of each. At one time I think I had 3 DC's. LOL


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I'd much rather install our nautis than FR85s, but now that the kids are a bit bigger, they are just so nice to ride in. I LOVE installing the RA though! Of course I've only used LATCH with it though. It is just so soft and cushy, upright and takes sooooo little room front to back! Too bad they aren't taller and had more leg room. For the younger years it's perfect though.


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I own a Britax blvd, 2 Marathons, and a Regent at the moment. I do like the SKJP Monterey, but it isn't as cushy as the Britax seats. If I had another kid they would start in a Graco infant seat and then go into a Britax seat. I just get really great installs with Britax. I do have other seats I recommend to other people. I have owned a lot of seats over the years. Now I am a Britax snob. But I love the Regent more than the Frontier 85 because when you have a sleeping child it is a dream to get them out of the car and into the house.


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I am not a Britax snob. In fact I never cared for them, only thing that made me even look was the Moo cover. Till this weekend. I just got my friend's Marathon 65 and I am in :love::love::love: It's the Brooke cover. It's so plush and cushy. It kicked the MR's little butt. It's in my car right now, and I have a TF sitting in storage and a Radian coming tomorrow. I am probably only keeping 2 of them, so need to decide what goes. The Marathon is only good till september next year, but I sure hope I can make it work in a 3 across in my car somehow. It is so pretty :love::love: and it took a flat 40 seconds to install outboard in my car.


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I will admit that I am not so much a britax snob as a cowmoo wh0re. I have only ever used graco buckets and britax converts/fr85s. When little dude outgrows his bucket he has a cowmoo classic MA waiting for him. In many ways I feel like a myride is a better seat but the MA is safe for what it is and it is COW. So. We are keeping it. He is almost a year and still fitting in his SR22 - I'd kind of like to keep him in a bucket even longer and seriously almost made use of the cow chaperone deal at wayfair... but could get a sr35 for the same price which would give me one more inch of space so it's really not worth the cow... but oh i love that cow...

I really don't think britax is best by any means but they are easy to install, comfy, and I looooooooooove that damn cowmoo...


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I've loved all the Britax seats I have had. The first two I bought were BLVD's in Cowmoo and Madison. Later, I got a Cowmoo MA70 and now the only Britax I have is a Cowmoo FR85. I still need to keep one convertible on hand for Chase, and I have thought about getting another one just for it's ease of installation. Chase is so tiny, he could comfortably rear face for another year in it. I really love that zebra print, so if I could find a good deal on one, I'd probably go for it!
Okay this is appropriate for this thread..I have struggled with remembering our print name! I finally found it! Brooke lol. Who knew it would bother me so much not knowing the stinking name of her Marathon Cover. I loved her:love: Marathon65 :love:, in fact it was a bittersweet moment when I had to take it out and put the FR85 in. I was way more sad then she was. She slept like a dream in that seat! It installed in minutes, was a fantastic rf seat. I just loved it. I would buy one again for another kid (fingers crossed someday it will happen) in a heartbeat! Okay Im done...Brooke..who knew. :p
. I just got my friend's Marathon 65 and I am in :love::love::love: It's the Brooke cover. It's so plush and cushy. .

Thank You!! You helped me remember my cover name...sounds pitiful, but I have been trying to remember that darn name for a while now! I love it too, in fact I just tossed it in the wash and hung it to dry, looks pretty good for being an older cover.

The seat is in my avatar, tiny pic, but there it it is living in my lower level awaiting a big cleanup. Then to figure out what to do with it. Has some time left before it expires.

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