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The Britax Regent is a forward-facing harnessed seat that fits children who are at least one year old and 22 pounds, up to 80 pounds. The standing height limit is 53 inches, and seated shoulder height range is 12-20 inches. It has 4 harness slots: 12, 14.4, 16.75, and 19.1 inches. There are also 2 buckle strap positions: 7.4 and 9.4 inches (depth of seat to crotch buckle). It retails at $269.99.

For children under 40 pounds, the seat must be installed using the long belt path (either seat belt or LATCH), and for children 40 pounds or over, it must be installed using the short belt path (check vehicle manual to find out if lower LATCH anchors can be used beyond 40 pounds). The top tether must be used for children over 50 pounds and for all installs using short path with lap/shoulder belt (but is recommended for all installs). There is also a recline bar that must be used at all times. For more information, see the manufacturer’s web site:

The installation guidelines above are correct at the time of this writing for the date of manufacture of my seat. Please check your Regent manual for current installation instructions, as they change from time to time. A current manual can also be found on Britax web site.

This seat can keep a child harnessed longer than any other seats currently on the market. It is a large, comfortable seat with lots of room to grow. The harness does not twist easily (this is in comparison to the Evenflo seat we previously had), and the LATCH connectors have push-buttons making installation easier. The harness adjuster is easy to use to loosen or tighten straps. There is EPS protective foam for safety, and the seat is padded with comfort foam. The seat cover has matching shoulder and belly pads for additional comfort. There are mesh storage pouches on each side for drinks and snacks. My son has fallen asleep in this seat many times, and his head does not fall forward.

It is a large and heavy seat (25 lbs.), making it difficult to move back and forth between vehicles, if that is necessary. The installation may not be compatible with all vehicles, because there are different rules depending on size of the child. For example, this may make it difficult to install short belt path in a vehicle with long seat belt buckle stalks and no lower LATCH connectors. Two of the current covers are not as soft as the other covers are. There are currently only four covers to choose from, one pink and the other three neutral.

I would recommend this seat to anyone who wants to keep their child harnessed as long as possible, if they can no longer rear-face. If they are aware of which installation method is needed and when, and whether it is compatible with the vehicle, this seat is worth the money. We have had our Regent for 10 months and are very happy with it.

Install Pictures
The pictures below were taken in a 2004 Malibu with the Regent in center position, and are correct methods at the time of install (e.g. the recline bar was not required when the first picture was taken, but now is).

Short path LATCH (Sahara cover):

Short path LATCH and recline bar (Husky Marina cover):

Short path seat belt and recline bar:

Short path from the front:

Long path LATCH and recline bar:

Long path LATCH from the front:

Long path seat belt and recline bar:

Long path with seat belt from the front:

Alignment with vehicle seat:

Top tether
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Did you have any issues with the SBP latch?

No, I didn't have any issues installing it that way in my car (2004 Malibu). The reason I changed it to LBP was because of the enhancement advisory that came out recommending all children under 40 pounds use the LBP.


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I've often wondered about threading that latch strap inside the recline bar. :confused: Wouldnt that make it hard to tighten?


I've often wondered about threading that latch strap inside the recline bar. :confused: Wouldnt that make it hard to tighten?

Good question... I didn't use the recline bar when I had it installed with short path LATCH, as it was not required when I bought the seat. It seems like it would be harder to do, but I haven't tried it.


I have added more install pictures to the original review, including short path with LATCH and short path with seatbelt. I've also included notes regarding install instructions changing.


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I cannot use LATCH for this seat at all in my car. The recline bar is in the way no matter which path I use and prevents me from getting the seat installed tight at all using LATCH. I drive a Misubishi Lancer.

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