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Where is the best, cheapest place to purchase a Beitax Frontier? We have a frontier 90 for our 6.5 year old da and our 4.5 yo dd has been riding in it for the past week and LOVING it! (She was riding in a RFing diono radian r120). I've decided to finally flip her forward facing but absolutely HATE installing the radian in my jeep. Anyway, after fighting with attempting to instal the radian today for over an hour, and taking it back out because I couldn't get a tight enough instal, dh gave me the go ahead to get her a frontier too! I'm thinking either the purple color or the kaleidoscope. It's fairly cheap at and I have $20 kohls cash I can use but it says I can't use any other coupons. (My mom has a 30% off coupon code starting tomorrow). Is there anywhere else that I could get it that cheap or cheaper? I had dh convinced to let me get it since I thought it would be under $200 with the 30% off coupon. TIA!


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Check to make sure you can use the 30 off on car seats. I thought people were saying kohls didn't allow that anymore, only kohls cash and rewards.

Otherwise, there is a FB group called "car seat deals" you can join that says the current lowest price is $229 for new customers at through ebates and the code THOUSANDS.

We have a kaleidoscope frontier and it's my favorite seat, no question :)


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Thepote is correct, Kohl's no longer takes any coupons on baby gear. :( I always try but so far nothing has worked. You can use Kohl's cash and Yes rewards if you have them and you will earn rewards on your purchase.

Amazon often has "open box deals" on the Frontier so you might look for those. It looks like they currently have an open box deal on the vibe color for $224.92 + tax.

BabiesRUs will price match Amazon,, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Kmar, Walmart, etc. so I would just go with BRU, have them price match Amazon's $264 then use a coupon.


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Thanks! I didn't know that about BRU! Maybe I'll see if I can find a BRU coupon and get it there then! Does the kaliescope color show the dirt a lot? That's the print dd really wants but I was afraid it would show the dirt a lot bc of the light color. We've always had dark colored seats. I really like that one or the purple one. :)

As for passing ds's frontier down to dd, I'm not ready to put him in a booster yet. I don't know if I can trust him to sit correctly 100% of the time. He's comfortable in the harness and has quite a bit of room before he will outgrow it. DH would be happy if I put him in a booster though, but once I told him he was not big enough for a NBB and the HBB are almost just as big as the harnessed seats he stopped pushing. :)


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No problems with dirt on kaleidoscope. Luckily the seat part is black... That's where we usually see all the grubbiness. It is a heavy slick material so it doesn't really show stuff like a cottony or plush cover.


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Awesome! Thanks!!! That's what I was thinking too since I noticed the seat part is black, but you never know! It's good to hear from someone with experience. :). What are the colors in it if you don't mid me asking? It's hard to tell from the online pictures. Is it pink, red, orange, green and blue?


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Awe thank you!!! That is super cute!!! And very nice of you to go take a closeup for me'. :)
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