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So DH backed into another car yesterday. We had the kids in their Nautilus and Marathon when it happened. Insurance is replacing the seats. DS was very close to outgrowing the Nautilus, he's 46" (maybe 47" now), 48lbs and in size 6 shirts. The only harnessed seats he has growing room in are the Sureride & Frontier; am I missing any? Would it be crazy to buy a HBB and work on booster training him in DH's truck? He's 4 years 3 months, obedient, mostly "reads" while in the car and I could sit in back to supervise the booster training. We could also move the Frontier from my car if the booster wasn't working out. Am I nuts for considering this at 4yrs old?
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The rare 4 year old is ready for part time use of a booster. I personally prefer five or a bit older based on what we know about bone and brain development; the CDC quietly changed their recommendation to 5 without stated reason and SafetyBeltSafe has been saying 5 or 6 for booster use for several years now based on available research about child development and new product availability. But I also know that most agencies are making recommendations based on full time use, not part time training.

So, not crazy, and quite possibly appropriate; not a choice I'd personally make for my kids but you know your situation best.

As for harnessed seats, the newest Pioneers are now as tall as the Frontier (just no ClickTight.)


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I started booster training my oldest son at 4.5 because I have family that wouldn't buckle the crotch strap. We explained the rules every time we got in for the first month, then every other ride, kept gradually going down and he did fine, but he was a lot like your kiddo in the car. It's also not something I'd recommend to other parents, but we know our kids best and worst case, it gets put away and you look at getting a Sureride to get him the time he needs to mature


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I booster train my kids at 4 & they ride in boosters in everyone else's car, but stay harnessed in my car (where they spend 95% of their time) until they turn 5, I have found it to be a good compromise. They have both done really well, they sit straight and still and don't move out of position.


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We had a Sure Ride for DS at that age. He just turned 5 and is 48" and 53 lbs. and now is in a Harmony Dreamtime booster since it's narrow enough for our 3 in a row.
The thing is...the straps were not getting tightened correctly and he was freaking out in the Sure Ride with the continuous harness (sensory issues). So for us the Dreamtime (he buckles himself in 3 seconds) is a dream!!

I would think a Frontier would be a good choice for you though, all things considered. We just could not fit it (too wide) or I'd maybe use that!

Still on road trips I will put a Sure Ride in for him. But day in and day out...we are in and out of the car all day, we use the booster. It's always perfectly positioned for him and he always sits still. It's short trips though. Very short. So easy.


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We ended up just getting another Frontier (Congo this time!) DH hates the SureRide and has a lot of trouble tightening the harness, so that was definitely out.


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DH could not tighten our Sure Ride either. I could but it took some TLC and he is not patient like that. I think a seat should be as easy as possible!

In Target the other day a mom looked at her 4 or 5 YO son (tiny though!) and asked if he was ready for a booster or wanted a carseat. Then she said, baby will be getting your carseat. And she threw a backless Graco into the car as his new seat. That was all the thought she gave to buying a (backless) booster for him.

I think your choice of Frontier is a good one.

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