Booster w/low belt stalks--07 Jeep Liberty


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Are there any boosters that have a lower profile/fit best with a vehicle that has pretty low belt stalks??? We've tried the Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe and it fit the vehicle fine (and my son). but it's difficult for him to buckle...the Apex 65 in booster mode is nearly impossible due to how it sits and how wide it is--plus, I am not fond of the way my son fits it in booster mode.

Other ideas??? Price does weigh into this as we could just reinstall the regent into my husband's car--we're just installing and uninstalling quite frequently due to 'toting' of things for his work and the booster is obv easier to install!

5.5 y/o
46inches tall

Booster is just for short trips right now--he uses the Regent for longer trips (we started booster training a few weeks ago with the Big Kid DLX in my car).



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Most kids have trouble buckling a booster when they first start learning how, so I'm not sure a different booster would make much difference for you. Usually they need to lean forward quite a bit, and pull out a lot of extra seat belt to give them enough room to work it out.

Give him time to practice, and always be sure you're checking afterward to make sure he's routed the seat belt correctly and pulled it tight enough. :thumbsup:


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Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. We have the same issues with my DH car. Even the Turbo is hard to buckle (not just for DS, but for us too!). We're also looking for a new booster for this car too because the Turbo is too narrow for him. I have no clue how a wider booster will work though. Here's a couple of pictures what our belt stalks look like. Are they similar to the Liberty's? I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread, to see what suggestions you get. :)




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The old style parkway (and I thinkt he new probably would too) works well, as does the monterey and the Olli (which your son is obviously too little for). I will say though that DD struggles to buckle a booster basically anywhere, it is just not as easy for the newbies you know? But with the Turbobooster I had to buckle for my son, and he is very adept at buckling at this point. Basically we had to pull it out, buckle and put it back.


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The '07 Liberty seatbelts must differ from the '09. My DH had an '09 and the stalks were pretty favorable. My DS had no problems buckling himself and tightning properly - but he was booster trained for quite some time. My DD is unable to buckle herself properly, but she's got low tone and motor delays, so that's a given. They had Montereys in the Liberty and they worked great.


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ajsatad--Yes--low like that! It's hard for me to get it buckled too!!

Thanks for the thoughts!!! We'll keep working--and maybe I'll go grab a few to try in DH's car...I had my car with me when we were trying some out.

If anyone has any 'slim' booster suggestions, I'd love to hear them--maybe a slimmer design would help in the Liberty.



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We have had good luck with the Parkway SG fitting in tight places so that may help if you need a narrower seat. The Compass boosters have flip up arm rests that make buckling easier for my son (only one he can buckle himself, we have low buckles in our van.)) They don't fit all kids correctly though. There is a new Compass booster called the First Years Pathways B570 that has the pivoting armrests as well as lap belt positioning tabs and adjustable shoulder belt guides. We just got that one for our truck and love it. HTH!

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