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Why doesn't someone invent one long booster seat bench that multiple kids could all sit on for the back row of a mini van? Seems like it would be way easier than trying to cram 3 car seats in the back row? For a booster, all you really need to do is raise the child enough so that the seat belt hits across their shoulder, right? Does this bench type booster for multiple kids exist? We are going on a long road trip and my kids are all small/petite, but age 4, 8, 10 and all will be in the back row. Any suggestions?


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Well, it's a great idea, it would just be very hard to actually make. For one thing, boosters do much more than just lift the child so the shoulder belt fits - they make sure the lap-belt fits as well, and provide leg support so that the child isn't scooting forward so his/her knees bend and the edge of the vehicle seat (which displaces the lap and shoulder belts, of course.) Highback boosters also provide additional protection in a side-impact crash, as well as head restraints in vehicles that don't already have them.

While it's possible that a manufacturer could create such a bench that would be compatible with ONE van, it's unlikely it would be universal. Vans in particular are so different in how the seats are made and where the seat belts are placed that each one would have to be customized.

That said, there is a European company making something similar to what you've described. I can't remember the name, but I'm sure someone will come along and post a link. :)

Now, as for your current problem, if you can post which seats your kids are using now, their weights, and the year/make/model of your vehicle, we might have some suggestions for you. :thumbsup:


The Multimac is interesting. Smart too. Too bad I just need the booster part - my kids are beyond 5 point harnesses - I just need something to boost them higher in the seat - don't need anything extra like arm rests, cup holders, etc. Just to get their shoulders higher. Thanks for the info though.


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Your four year old can definitely fit in a good number of harnesses. Your eight year old maybe (there are quite a few people here with harnessed eight year olds), but your ten year old will probably get a consensus that yes, a booster is fine. :)

Especially for the younger group, the four year old, having a good booster helps take some stress off of the immature skeleton, not just boost them up. The bones don't completely ossify until six years old (some of us still have our four year olds rear facing to help protect against internal decapitation) and don't reach adult strength until 12. So whatever you can do to as close to those ages as possible to keep them in a five point, and then keep them in a booster, is good. Especially if they're petite.

What seat did your four year old grow out of? How much do they weigh?



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The multimac is meant to fit children up to age 12 because in the UK it is law that children under 12 must be in some kind of child restraint. My older kids (7 and 9) are in boosters, but if I could get a multimac I'd put them back in harnesses. Not that it really matters now anyway because it won't be available in the US for at least a year.

Now, your 4 year old as previously mentioned ought to be in a harnessed seat- not a booster. A tried and true 3 in a row for a tiny car is the get a Sunshine kids' radian seat (holds a kid up to 65 or 80 pounds) for the youngest and place it in the center seat. Put the boosters outboard.

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