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I have gone through the threads pertaining to this and I'm now wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a high backed booster that fits well in a 2nd row captain's chair of a GMC Acadia.

We have three kids: 7 year old, 50" tall, 50 pounds riding in a Recaro ProSport. 4.5 year old, 40" tall, 36 pounds riding in a Recaro Signo, 3 month old riding in Chicco Keyfit.

The infant seat is riding 2nd row drivers side. I just moved the Recaro Signo to the third row center so that it can be belted in and tethered and moved my son in the ProSport up to the 2nd row captains seat and converted him from 5pt harness to booster mode in his Recaro ProSport as he has reached the height limit for harness. This also makes carpool drop off and pick up much easier on all of us since he is riding 2nd row passenger side instead of 3rd row. The ProSport is currently loosely LATCHED and tethered.

However, he can not buckle himself in (and to be honest, I can hardly buckle him without getting in and straddling him and the seat). The LATCH buckles are in the way and the seat in general is pretty wide for the space. I've researched and learned that seat belt extenders are a no-no. I'm wondering if this is truly the case even if it were to be a very short extension, coming no where near touching his body? The belt would still be buckled alongside the actual side of the booster, but would raise the female side of the buckle up just enough for him to reach and not have to battle the angle with the LATCH and back corner of the Recaro.

If an extension is really not a safe option, can anyone recommend a SAFE high backed booster that might fit in the captains seat better and thus make buckling easier? I'm not too worried about cost, I am most concerned about getting the best fit for him and for our car.

Looking forward to your responses.

Many thanks,


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Hi! So glad you found us.

You are right, an extension can't be used at all. Not only do they change the belt geometry, the pressure of the booster on the extension in a crash could cause it to unbuckle, with catastrophic results.

We don't have comparative safety ratings on seats, and there are lots that should fit your son. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with your particular vehicle to know what fits; hopefully someone has suggestions on that.

In the mean time, have you tried using it without lower anchors? The use of the lower anchors in many vehicles can cause a booster to slide over and be difficult to buckle or even obscure a buckle entirely. It's possible your geometry would be better without the lower anchors in use...


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We have a traverse, twin of the acadia, and currently have a parkway in the captains chair in the second row. It really does fit better without using latch. When it's latched it pulls the seat more toward the center and toward the buckle. Our daughter is also 7 and cannot buckle her seat if it's latched but has no issues if it isn't.


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I have a Saturn Outlook (another Acadia twin). We have the 8 passenger but I think my outboard seats are pretty much the same as the captains chairs. We have a Parkway which I never tightened all the way (just slightly loose) and DD never really had a problem buckling it. She started using it almost 3 years ago when she turned 6. My almost 7yo DS uses a Recaro Performance Booster. It is wide and he didn't buckle himself for about 6 months. He knows now that if he can't get it buckled he hops out and shifts it over a little.

The Parkway works better with the headrests (I pulled the headrest off for the Recaro), the Performance Booster works better with the seatbelts (I had to adjust the recline/move the seat forward a little to keep the Parkway belt sliding freely).


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Thank you for your responses so far.

I did try the seat without LATCH today and he was able to buckle himself - it wasn't exactly easy, but he did do it. We will try it that way again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Ideally, I would like a high backed booster with good side impact protection that can be latched in so that we don't have to buckle it in every time he isn't riding in it. I'll look into the Parkway. I haven't had an issue with the headrest and the Recaro, but perhaps it's because the seat is slightly reclined.

In the meantime, we will continue to ride without the ProSport latched. When I find the right booster for DS and our car, I will move the ProSport back to harness mode and use it for my daughter third row center as her Recaro Signo will expire in a few months.


I love Britax but am having the same issue with the Pinnacle in the second row captain chair in my GMC Acadia. The problem remains even if the LATCH is not used. I expected that switching to booster mode would make life easier but it has actually made it more difficult.

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