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I thought we had our seats figured out. But since the Monterey needs head support now, and my van has the forward leaning headrests (meaning I have to take them off) it doesn't work for us anymore. So we are booster shopping again (DH will love that :rolleyes:)
I need a booster (no back is fine) for M that has good leg support. She has been complaining about her legs falling asleep. I was thinking about getting her a Harmony Cruz (she likes the blue one at Target) but want other suggestions before I decide.
K still needs a highback. She still fits in the HBTB with a couple of clicks left, so I could just get her one of those. I was also looking at the amp highback, but I don't know how that fits super skinny kids. I would prefer LATCH for her though. So any suggestions welcome.


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Ds1 really likes the cruz and he has long legs but he uses a amp in my mom's van and likes it too although I don't think as much. He didn't like the turbo or literider at all.
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Do you have a Monterey already? Could you just use it backless for M?
My DD just got a Cruz and is excited to use it. We also have an Amp and she is fine in that but we have never done a long trip in it.

For K...if you want LATCH, Parkway SGL or Oobr? I don't have experience with either of them though.


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I'm sorry to intrude on this thread, but could someone point me in the direction of where the info about the Monterey needing head support came from? I've tried searching here, and I don't see anything posted by Diono on the topic, so I'm guessing it came from somewhere else. Thanks. :)


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It came from Allana at Diono. She posted on FB.

"Here is the final clarification about this issue: The manual indicates proper fit of the child in the Monterey within the vehicle seat on page 6.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT OF CHILD: Child is too tall if the top of the ears are above the top of EITHER the fully raised booster seat headrest OR the fully raised vehicle head rest.

For clarification this means:
When using Monterey in its high-back or backless configuration, the tops of the child’s ears must be below the top of the vehicle head rest.
In the case of vehicle seats that do not have head rests, the tops of the child’s ears must be below the top of the vehicle seat back.

I am turning off my notifications because I know you all are going to flood me with comments and it will jam pack my email box. If you would like to contact me directly, you are welcome to either call me 855-463-466 ext 252 or email directly at"


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That's stinky. I've held on to my Monterey because it's very tall and I have a seating position without a headrest in one vehicle. I guess I'll see if I can find a Frontier80 somewhere...


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It is going to have issues in our van and now I can't use it in DH truck. DS is almost to tall for the turbo in DH truck, so I was planning on moving the monterey to it when needed. DH won't allow another booster buy, because he won't think it is needed. This doesn't make me happy.

Also, I don't think I will like how it fits in my van with the headrest on.

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