blvd70 vs mr65 RFing? How old?


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For a smaller sized child {25%ish at two for hight}, which would last longer RFing? I'm thinking the MR?

Feel free to tell me how long you RFed your kids in these seats, I like to hear that kind of stuff, lol!



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The My Ride will last longer by height for rear-facing, because its shell is taller.

My son is in the 95th percentile for height with a long torso, and he lasted RF until 3 years and about 8 months or so in the My Ride by height.

For a petite kid or a kid with a shorter torso, the Boulevard 70 could still last long enough to get that child to 3 or 4 years old rear-facing, even though the My Ride would last longer. :)


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Definitely mr65 lasts longer RF. I have my 3yr old RF'ing in a MR65 and he still has about 3 inches before he hits the 1 inch rule. We had tried out a Blvd70 at BRU last week and he only had .5 inch before he hit the 1inch rule. So I was happy we purchased the MR65 for him


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My son rear faced in his BV70 until 3yrs 4 months when he started really complaining about the crotch buckle, and I had, had shoulder surgery and it was very difficult to get him in and out of that particular seat. He is now 3yrs 8 months and could still fit rfing. I have NO idea what his current torso height is, but he is on the shorter side :)


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My daughter is 2 yrs & 8 months and happily rear facing in her BLVD70. Her pic is in my siggy ;)



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My oldest would have outgrown them rear facing around 2 and my youngest around 2 1/2. Their torsos are on the long side though.


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J outgrew the MyRide by height at 2 1/2 years old. He's over the 97th percentile for height and has a long torso.

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Kaylee will be 3 in 2mo, and is rf'ing in a BV70. She is short at 34". I'm about to switch her seat with the RN XT again as she is out of leg room. She has plenty of shell, just no leg room...and she has short legs!


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DD5 outgrew the MA70 RFing at 4.5 (she definitely has a short torso!) and can still fit RFing in the MR. She will be 5 next Thursday. She is getting pretty close to outgrowing the MR Rfing now.


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For shorter kids I think either seat would last until 3-4 rearfacing. My son fit rearfacing in both until he was over 5 and close to 40lbs but he is a little shorter than 25%. I think he would have had more shell above his head in the myride but I hate it forward facing so for us the blvd 70 was a better choice since he now uses it forward facing and is quite happy.


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Thanks Ladies, I guess we'll stick with his MR. He likes It fine, I JUST REALY like some of the BLVD's covers. I'm never happy, lol!

Thanks Kel

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